Sink or swim!

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Meanings of "Sink or swim!"


Fail or succeed entirely by one's own efforts.

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Будь что будет! Была не была!

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Literalmente sería "hundirse o nadar", su significado es fracasar o salir victorioso gracias a los esfuerzos de uno. Podría analogarse en cierto sentido a los modismos "A todo o nada" o "Lograrlo o morir en el intento".

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"Sink or swim!" in lyrics

Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Closure

I'm what you've been missing

Imma take a dive, we could sink or swim
Imma take a shot, we could make or miss

Avril Lavigne - Love Me Insane

And jumping in, yeah
This time I'm going all out
Sink or swim, oh
I know an angel when I see one

grandson - 6:00

Gotta sink or swim, now it's do or die
It goes "hashtag, bodybag"

Cir.Cuz - Original

Feels so right, you feel it in your entire body.
And when the world is too heavy you shall resist.
It's gonna sink or swim because no one will catch you.
Show strenght, even if you don't have any left.

Nadia Ali - Life Of A Stranger

Why you had to help me out
Just when I knew it
It was my time to sink or swim
You came along and pulled me out

The Silent Comedy - Bartholomew

Please help me, neck deep in the river screamin' for relief
He says, it's mine to give, but it's yours to choose
You're gonna sink or swim, you're gonna learn the truth
No matter what you do you're gonna learn the truth sayin'

amazarashi - Rain man

I break building blocks of pessimism and optimism alternately and be hurt each time when I look back.
The funny story that I should had already forgotten.
Will I sink or swim? Will I go or come back? Will it be rainy or sunny? Will I do or stop?
Will I win or lose? Can I stand up? Can I start afresh? Will I live or die?

amazarashi - The Rain Bringer

Funny stories which I should have forgotten a long time ago.

Will I sink or swim?

Haux - Seaside

Run until our lungs cave in
Tell all the worst lines, worst lines
Wait until they sink or swim

The Piranhas - Zambezi

Well, if I have the whim
I either sink or swim,
it never really seems to matter either way.

REOL - Lifeline

Seasoned, obligation, noise system, break it
Bad at it, overcoming, prescription, erase the "K"
True self, rules of teaching, possibility, sink or swim, falling into water

Death Grips - Hacker

Make your water break
In the apple store
Sink or swim, who fucking cares
Cut the birth cords

Bob Geldof - The Great Song of Indifference

Na na na etc.

I don't care if you sink or swim,
lock me out or let me in.

Man with a mission - Dive

No truth No lie Everyone writes their own story
Nothing to hide Just gotta take the jōrney
Sink or swim No one wins Unless they push the bōndaries
kano hi no ryūsei oikake te ta toki no yo ni

Milky Chance - Bad Things

Eyes caressing my skin
Undressing my every flaw
Oh, will we sink or swim?
We're blinded on an empty shore

Luhan - Deep (海底)

底底底deep 底底底 deep
Jump in, sink or swim

Linkin Park - Papercut

(And watches everything)

So you know that when it's time to sink or swim
That the face inside is watching you too

Françoise Hardy - Normandia

The sea comes to die
in our shattered glass
where one loves, sink or swim

Seafret - Tell me it's real

And I never really thought about it, no I never really thought about it
It's because of you that I believe in me for first time
I know, love's always been sink or swim so I won't

Drake - Blue Tint

I had her on ice, but then
I watched the ice get thin
Now, does she sink or swim?