Vanesa Martín - Sintiendonos (English translation)



Aquí estoy de nuevo, nos reímos al mirarnos quietos
al pedirte que te vayas, sabes que en el fondo quiero
que te sientes a mi lado y me sorprendan tus maneras.
Me encontré una nota en el buzón
y me encantó tu letra.
Si me llevas a otro sitio donde nada entorpezca
que no haya ruido más fuerte que tu voz así de cerca.
Si me enseñas la salida y decido quedarme dentro
ve bajando la bandera, sobra tela en este cuerpo.
Sintiéndonos una vez más
hasta que nos cueste respirar
gáname la vida.
Hazme el amor una vez más
hasta que nos cueste respirar.
Recuerdo cuando me decías quédate tranquila
Querida locura deja ya de hablar en otro idioma
ahora que lo tengo aquí no me bailes ni una coma,
somos dos respiraciones con un ritmo a contratiempo
tú me pides yo no doy, pero nos sostenemos.
Reconozco que me gusta sentir que me andas buscando
soy tan tuya que ni yo,
ni yo misma me lo aguanto.
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English translation

Feeling Each Other

Here I am again, we laugh when we see each other all quiet
When I ask you to leave, you know deep down I want you
to sit by my side and get surpised by your manners
I found a note in the mail
and I loved your handwritting
If you take me somewhere else where nothing hinders
where there's no stronger sound than your voice, that close
If you show me the exit and I decide to stay inside
start lowering the flag, there's remaining cloth in this body.
Feeling each other once more
until we have trouble breathing
Win my life
Make love to me one more time
until we have trouble breathing
I remember when you used to say: stay calm
dear craziness, stop talking in another language
now that I got him here, don't dance to me, not even a coma
We are two breaths with an offbeat rhythm
You ask for it, I don't give out, but we stand on each other
I recognize I like to feel you're looking for me
I am so yours that I don't even stand it myself
My own translation
Ma propre translation
Mi propia traducción
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Llegó Dolor Del Corazón    Sat, 01/04/2017 - 16:55

Buenas noches o buenos d as Carlos
I have only one comment concerning the line 'con un ritmo a contratiempo'
"A contratiempo" means offbeat en the music terminology, so for me I would say "with an offbeat rhythm" actually I searched for It on line, any way It's good translation and I don't mean to question your language so pls don't take It as an offense and If you have another saying It's all up to you
Thank you

Carlooz Càzares    Sat, 01/04/2017 - 17:11

oh I actually wrote I was not sure about that part in the comments, maybe you did not notice it. thanks. I will update it