Sirena (English translation)

  • Artist: Ender Thomas
  • Song: Sirena
  • Translations: English
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Salt drops, your tears falling onto my skin,
you give me closure. Through my stupidity
I broke your altar of love and there is no way to make amends,
and from the ruins you are questioning every mistake,
a sorrow without words.
Your look so cold..there's neither storm nor calm,
your mask of irony
is absence of your soul.
I want to see you mounted on a dolphin
laughing at me, feeling you're immortal,
how can I eliminate so much disappointment from you
and hear, over the waves, the innocence of your voice
sing for me again.
Your look so cold..there's neither storm nor calm,
your mask of irony
is absence of your soul.
Come take me to swim
beyond paradise
I remember you like that, half submerged
in the sea, laughing at me.
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