Juliette Gréco - Six soldats (English translation)


Six soldats

Trois soldats cachés
Dans l'herbe légère
Trois soldats couchés
Sur un champ de guerre
Alors qu'alentour
S'étend le silence
Rêvent à la chance
Rêvent à l'amour
L'herbe est douce
Le soleil léger
Notre drapeau dort
Parmi les bleuets
L'oiseau chante
Ne l'effrayons pas
De l'autre côté
Trois soldats, de même
Pensent à l'été
À tout ce qu'ils aiment
Ils rêvent aussi
Quand vient le silence
Rêvent à la chance
Rêvent à la vie
L'herbe est douce
Le soleil en fleur
Le coquelicot est notre couleur
L'air est calme
Ne le troublons pas
Les journaux crieront
Aux gens qui s'égarent
"Calme sur le front
L'assaut se prépare"
Mais les six soldats
Sur leur lit champêtre
Eux, diront peut-être
En croisant les bras
"Vous, Messieurs de l'état-major
Si le cœur vous dit
Attaquez le fort
Nous, on reste
On est trop bien"
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English translation

Six Soldiers

Three soldiers hidden
In the light grass
Three soldiers lying down
On a battlefield
Whilst all around
The silence stretches out
Dreaming about luck
Dreaming about love
The grass is soft
The sun is gentle
Our flag lies sleeping
Amongst the cornflowers
The bird is singing
Let's not frighten it
On the other side
Three soldiers likewise
Think of summer
Of all that they love
They're dreaming too
When moments of silence come
Dreaming about luck
Dreaming about life
The grass is soft
The sunlight in full bloom
The poppy is our colour
The air is calm
Let's not disturb it
The papers will cry out
To the people who go astray
"All calm on the front
The assault is being prepared"
But the six soldiers
On their rustic bed
They'll say perhaps
As they cross their arms
"You, Gentlemen of the Headquarters
If your heart is in it
You can attack it hard
Us, we're staying put
We're too comfortable"
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petit élève    Wed, 13/09/2017 - 14:42

les bleuets -> you picked the wrong side of our flag Wink smile

ce qu'ils aiment -> "all that they love" ?

Ils rêvent aussi
Quand vient le silence
Rêvent à la chance
Rêvent à la vie -> I think the idea is that when the sound of fighting recedes, they regain enough hope to get out alive to start thinking of what they will do after the war, so it's more like "and when silence comes, they dream about fate and life too"

gens qui s'égarent -> I'm not sure I get what she means there.
Could be the "forget oneself" meaning, like if the papers were reminding people the proper way of thinking.

Gavin    Wed, 13/09/2017 - 15:17

I'd already changed it to the correct flower.. :-)

Yes, it is all that they love, just thought it more likely referred to all the people that they love but maybe not then...

That's how I understand it to, in the moments of silence they dream of those things. The English seems to say that to my mind.

I thought that was odd too - maybe more like "when they lose their way"

petit élève    Wed, 13/09/2017 - 14:56

dreaming... -> of course you're right. For some reason I read "they're dreaming too when silence comes" as a standalone and the next "dreaming about..." as a continuation of the previous enumeration. Just a momentary (I hope) lapse of understanding :).

when they lose their way -> yep, that's how I get it

petit élève    Wed, 13/09/2017 - 15:34

Btw., care to have a look at this one?
The girl looks like a little reincarnation of Brel and Brassens. Pretty impressive for a 18 year old. I can't wait to see what she will do next.

Gavin    Wed, 13/09/2017 - 15:45

Sounds irresistible! :-)