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Passionately Deep lyrics

  • Artist: Sixtieth Parallel
  • Album: Into Bliss (1988)

Passionately Deep

The darkness of a room
And the warmth of her wisdom
Our bodies a tangle
We must forgive them
Sweat drops chase the chill
Running scared, body to body
A day or night to keep
Her true beauty lies
Passionately deep
Passionately deep
Passionately deep
In a roar of beauty
Our screams are naïve
You touch me at mercy
As our colors constantly bleed
Giving into the pain
Our lives brought us to
Guilty with pleasure
And all overdue
Passionately deep
Passionately deep
A motionless moment
Reflects in the eyes
Of a gentle stare
Sparkling glare
As heartbeats race, race the silence
Knowing that time will take
This warm embrace away every time
Passionately deep
Passionately deep
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Lyrics from vinyl sleeve.


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