Catwork - Siz Hepiniz Ben Tek (English translation)

English translation

You're all together,I'm on my own

Sometimes,people are very very very...
I don't know how to say
They have no feelings at all
They are neither dead nor alive
I always did
What my heart told me to do
In fact,my heart is docile
The love is frivolous
In your opinion it's a dream;in my opinion it's real
One day all the bad people will come to heel
If you get hurt so much,there is no shame in insulting
If the life is a game,you're all together I'm on my own
Ahmet KADI
Submitted by ahmet kadı on Wed, 18/10/2017 - 12:32
Added in reply to request by Yeroun Açk

Siz Hepiniz Ben Tek

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