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Славься, Русь!

Велика Мать-Земля, Русь великая!
Ой, широки просторы твои.
Как чрез златые поля бескрайние,
Дети Даждьбога пришли.
Через дебри вековые,
Сквозь далекие края,
Вышли братия родные —
То Даждьбога сыновья.
Стяги грозные вздымая,
Возродим былую Русь!
Сохраним заветы Прави —
Пред Богами я клянусь!
Ой-да, матушка, Ночка-Свароговна,
Скрой седые заветы отцов
От глаза черного люта ворога
В гуще священных лесов.
Снова, сердцем замирая,
Слово молвила, чуть дыша:
Славься, Матушка родная!
Славься, Русская душа!
Через дебри вековые,
Сквозь далекие края,
Молвим, братия родные:
Славься, Русь, Земля моя!

A Glory To You, Rus!

Mother Earth is great, Rus The Great!
Oh, how wide are your lands,
Through the golden fields
Dazhdbog’s children came there. *
Through the old eternal thickets,
Through the distant lands,
Our native brothers began their way –
They are Dazhdbog’s sons.
Raising our menacing flags up,
We’ll revive the Rus of Bygone times!
We’ll keep the testament of Prav,**
I swear to the Gods!
Oh, Mother-night, daughter of Svarog, ***
I beg you to hide the ancient behests of ancestors,
I beg you to hide them from an evil eye of enemy
In the thickets of holy forests.
My heart was dying down
When I said words hardly breathing:
“A glory to you, my dear mother!
A glory to you, Russian soul!
Through the old eternal thickets,
Through the distant lands,
Dear brother, let us say:
“A glory to you, Rus, my Land!”
*Dazhdbog - one of the main gods in Slavic Mythology, originally the god of sunlight, fertility.
**Prav - Yav (Jav), Prav and Nav (Navi) are three worlds described in the Book of Veles. References to them became popular among Ukrainians and Russian neopagans. All three combine into Triglav that governs the Universe.
Yav is the material world in which we are right now. Gods however are equally part of Yav. Yav is contained within Nav.
Nav (Navi) is the immaterial world, the world of the dead. Stars, which are the souls of the dead, as well as Svarga and Irij, are parts of Nav.
Prav is the law of Svarog that governs both Yav and Nav. Modern parallels to this concept are laws of physics, but there is one big difference. The law that says that a stone falls when dropped is not only a mere observable fact: it is rightful, good and just that stones fall to the ground when dropped. A somewhat similar belief today is anthropic principle, but it only states that laws of physics are useful. This concept is similar to Dharma in Hinduism and Buddhism.
***Night of Svarog - means the end of old times and the beginning of new ones. The new dawn of a new world.
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