Slumpussy - This Life


This Life

[Intro: Craig Connor]
Ah, check y'all, check
[Verse: Robert DeNegro]
There's a hit alone that's shown to blow it's own [?]
To rock the party til it's gone
Smokin' with a 40, ya managed to reach shorty on the throne
Made like Al Capone
Scored a bag of sensi, stacked it in the bong
It's well known to blow brothers till they're stoned
Lifted and gifted, that's how I live
Shiftin' mad bricks, it's full of led
Fell on to the floor, running as the Glock out
With nothing else to do, life was full of nothing
Went back to the streets to earn myself a dolla'
Tried to sell some trips to Nicholson and Fonda
I wouldn't touch that shit, even with my skunk
The only tracks I want is hardcore bass, that's funk
Living's just a rock, it can take a jump
And when I shoot my shot, it's a .22 you punk
[Hook x2: Robert DeNegro]
I don't have much in this life
It's the cess that keeps me from losin' my head
In this world which we live in in strife
You gotta give me one more G just to settle my stress
[Outro: Robert DeNegro & Craig Connor]
Ice, crack, Angel Dust and Prozac
Don't get me nice like
Buckets full of cess, Mac
Ice, crack, angel dust and Prozac
Don't get me nice like
Buckets full of cess, Mac
Uh, uh, uh, uh
Check Yah-mo'
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