on the sly

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on the sly (English) — in a secretive fashion; furtively, surreptitiously, covertly, clandestinely

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Translations of "on the sly"

EnglishOn the down low
French(Faire quelque chose) en douce
Russianтихой сапой

"on the sly" in lyrics

Flay my wings , make me fly
& Keep being quiet at the same time
A thousand times , let's hug
& Even tie to each other on the sly
Hug me strongly , hug me again
So I choke because of you

Tryo - Hug me

ugly girl

Here in your diary
i read on the sly
your solitary pain
this is not fair

Alessandro Canino - ugly

How well I remember
The look that was in his eyes
Stealin' kisses from me on the sly
Takin' time to make time
Tellin' me that he's all mine

Dusty Springfield - Son Of A Preacher Man

I am tired of your shouts
I am tired of your jealousy
I am fed up with this
Of seeing you on the sly
You are a hopeless case

Chiquis - That's Not Me

It's only a winter, a nocturnal song
But then you feel like crying , you'd like to scoot but you remain immobile

Love will reappear on the sly and will recognise you
You will leave a light on ,a window open and love will reappear

Il Volo - Love will reappear

I wickedly lied , and I got by
I lied as often as one coughs
And my nose never got longer
I played so many bad tricks on the sly
- Believe me ?
- You're not worth one cent !

Zebda - Oualalaradime

Dying in a fight against cancer
Stopped by the referee

Dying on the sly
So anonymously
So discreetly

Jacques Brel - Getting old

Replaced Beverly Hills
In my bubble ,

We do everything hidden , on the sly
And teens smoke and make love in hotel rooms ..

Diam's - In my bubble

Wake up, dear,
Sorry for not letting you see [your dream].
While you were sleeping, I made off from home on the sly,
To learn that there's life and death.

Splean - The Rock'n'roll Star

You'll close the door gently behind you
as you leave later
I will have taken one of your dreams on the sly

Look for me in the darkness

Eleftheria Arvanitaki - Embrace me and lets go

Moyshe Khayim comes along
And takes away the best part;
Moyshe Khayim, Borukh Shmil -
Tickle her on the sly.
Zets! Tay tidl di tam …

Aaron Lebedeff - Rumania, Rumania

I'm afraid my actions are those of the people in Hell
The key of Heaven isn't in a Lancel bag
Far is the time when gays would make out on the sly
Now they snog in the city center wearing multicoloured clothes
But come on get lost , come on get lost

Sexion d’Assaut - Cease fire

My bones still give to life:
still give her the flowery grass.
But life has remained in the words on the sly
of those who have lost the idiot and is crying for him on the hill;
of those who still whisper with the same irony

Fabrizio De André - A Madman

Because I count the days from now to May
Because the life keeps going and I keep on loving you
Because my hands shake when yours
caress me on the sly
Because life is worth living because of you
Because I love you, because I miss you

José María Napoleón - Thirty years

A few fans miss me, I've seen one cutting his veins
I smoke a cigarette, looking at my brothers hanging around in Fresnes
Every morning at the same hour, I see my mother going to shop
You can't figure out how it hurts when I hear her crying on the sly
My father is so brave, a whole life of sacrifices
I've pointed out that his face got ten years older in two years

Sinik - From up there

Don't think i forgot you even if you don't call.
World is in an side , you are in other side*
You enamoured me and broke up on the sly.
I looked for you everywhere, i couldn't ask anyone.

MFÖ - In the eyes of everybody

The street where I played,
my youth in my dreams:
A cigarette on the sly,
a Sunday without playing.

Julio Iglesias - Sometimes I ask the wind

Moyshe Khayim comes along
And takes away the best part;
Moyshe Khayim, Borukh Shmil -
Tickle her on the sly.
Zets! Tay tidl di tam …

Mike Burstyn - Romania, Romania

Run for your life , it isn't worth it
Alright , I got stuffy for not even one nail
But I think I'll do it on the sly
It's true that it's very corny in Cannes
It's true that in Cannes

M (Chedid) - The B*tches' Festival

I came of age and I found a girl
in a Tuscaloosa bar
She cleaned me out and hit it on the sly
I tried to kill the pain, bought some wine
and hopped a train

Helldorado - Waiting Around To Die

Oh, it was a little stressful,
But we've made it.
On the sly, we've
Sneaked out to the party.

Blümchen - Give me more time

other ailments?
It’s you the scoundrels,
unmarried men and women,
who, on the sly and in the dark,
go out walking along the wall,
when your daddy isn't there,

Poetry - The excommunication of Father Antiochus rector of Masuddas

Walk, severe soul,
Like a bandit.
You've been indifferent to problems for so long.
All the life is on the sly. (2x)

Murat Thagalegov - A bandit's soul

Wrapped in chinese herbs
These high tombs
blackens like mountains.
And talk about freedom on the sly
With winds in fields.
Witness of a grandfather's glory

Ukrainian Folk - Ivan Pidkova*

And I'm real sick hearing these pricks talk shit
They get there throats slit 'coz they talkin' to me like I'm thick
And I'm real tired of these bullshit guys
They best go, hide 'coz I'm lookin' for 'em on the sly

Had it up to here, right up to here

Plan B (UK) - Sick 2 Def

Waiting around to die

Then I became of age and I found a girl in a Tuscaloosa bar
She cleaned me out and she hit it on the sly
Well I tried to kill the pain
I bought some wine,

Townes Van Zandt - Waiting Around To Die

I can bode your nightmares,
I know how to protect you.
I’m traveling through the night
and kiss you on the sly.

The only thing you miss

Fatme (Greece) - The only thing you miss

My life here in Livonia is easy
I do my work little by little
and bucolic is my favourite song.
On the sly we ate herring[fn value="***"](soola)silk - (noun) brined/salted Baltic herring; it´s historical commonness has mythology... or it sounds like legendary poor food when accompanied with water...[/fn] and water while (out) haying
and the choir from Väägvere - they went to [and from] song festival[fn value="†"]laulupidu, here; look up: Estonian Song Festival[/fn] with horsecarts

Ultima Thule (EST) - Livonian Bucolic

My drunk head,
I love you!
He refills my glass
On the sly,
And I do drink.

Korol' I Shut - Visiting the neighbour

What can I retort to those queens of nothing
Sneering at my little king?
If he’s simple, if he looks broke,
On the sly, he knows how to make you dance.

With his pallid face,

Édith Piaf - I'm Smitten

Spare change, hear the down-and-outers cry
Money talks, tip-toe up behind you
Steal what they can,
Off the cuff or on the sly
Money talks
Money talks

J.J. Cale - Money Talks

you can't hold back your inner self with anything,
(yeaah) it won't piss me off if the money disappears from the account, (if it...)
thats is, if it lasts to tuning colours [fn] don't understand what this mean, probably drinking like in every finnish song [/fn]
and often there are days that quickly disappear on the sly
into my head, (but heyy...)
It won't control me and the amount of it won't turn my head into the wrong direction, (Tasis...)

Cheek - The Prodigal Son

Slow down
Yeah, I want you
She does a little bit on the sly that shows what she's up to
She started talking about pretending she's listening
It won't mend your heart if it's only a couple of lines

The 1975 - Milk

When you come to town
Faded wedding gown
You're on the sly

I will wait for you

Tom Leonard - Beautiful Melancholy

Ask him what day will he set out
to issue an order for the mountains
to sprout on the sly,
—my blue mountains, my blue mountains—
to welcome him, ah ah ah.

Dimitra Galani - Mavrailes

This is my new car
It fill my heart with joy
To drive a Yankee boy
On the sly I wink my eye
When one come my way
I stop the motorcar

Anita Kert Ellis - Come On, Papa

There are nights like this when everything collapses
The nights like this where I switch off, I switch it all off
Go, go and love one another on the sly
In the end you will all fuck yourselves over.
If the kids tell off their mothers

Diam's - In the Shadows

In the holy nights asked
It would need the courage to do for changing everything very fast

Who kisses on the sly without liberty?
Because someone has said that it won't work
The love neither has sex nor diversity

Emma - For this country

Chickens parade in trays on a treadmill
No need patent colleges to understand that your life become a mess
Sitting all the time, you got the feeling that time stop
You only have a break to pee, so you smoke your cigarett on the sly
Plucks, cuts, packs, plasticized, trans-pallet
To avoid going crazy, think of cool stuff in your head

Casseurs Flowters - Take coins

Yes, I'll come home, yes, I'll stay alive
Yes, I'll go through, Yes, I'll come home

We were beaten on the sly and honestly
Snipers shot at us and straight in the temple
And unknown destiny was flying

Lyube - Soon will be demobilization

I go on one way - is meaningless line.

I'm tearing my vest and don't shave a damn,
I try to evoke pity on the sly,
Premonition of big hangover is burning my throat -
The last fight - it was the most unrestrained!

Zimovie Zverey - In da booze

Some courageous kangaroos do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

I'm sure sometimes on the sly you do it
Maybe even you and I might do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Let's do it

ほんのちょっとしたことで分かれた アタシとアナタを繋ぐのは…

Sly... on the sly...


DECO*27 - Boku mitaina kimi, kimi mitaina boku. (僕みたいな君、君みたいな僕。)

It's so funny, when we're driving somewhere,
We yell, fool around, sing, dream, and just ramble.
We go insane on the sly, just throw yourself in.
We're monkeys and bears, "We're ninja turtles."

YarmaK - When she wakes up

Let's do it,
Let's fall in love!

I'm sure giraffes on the sly do it
Heavy hippopotamae do it
Let's do it,

Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)

Sing with me now

Sha la la la la la
See on the sly
The boy is too shy
To dare kiss you

The Little Mermaid (OST) - Kiss The Girl

Even though Rita moved away
And got a job in a motel
He still waits for me
Constant, on the sly
He wants to turn me in
To the F.B.I.

Bob Dylan - Motorpsycho Nightmare

How well I remember
The look that was in his eyes
Stealing kisses from me on the sly
Taking time to make time
Telling me that he's all mine

Tom Goss - Son of a Preacher Man

Can live without crazy love

I liked the smile you used to wear
When you came to see me on the sly
Say you remember it
Between two doors, between to lies

Cali - Crazy Love

Don't dream of castles like yesterday.
They no longer count petals
Of flowers embracing each other
They do not even love each other on the sly
Neither in the parks should I see.

Los Palominos - Crazy In Love

I'm Mr. Blue
When you say you love me
Then prove it by going out on the sly
Proving your love isn't true
Call me Mr. Blue

The Fleetwoods - Mr. Blue

Me, when I looked at you threateningly[fn]a pun on "gare à vous" (a common threat, something like "you'd better watch out")[/fn]
I transfixed[fn]"vis à vis" means "face to face" and "fixer" means "to stare", but they can be read as "screw" and "fasten"[/fn] you with my stare
and had private group sex[fn]aparté (private talk) / partouze (group sex)[/fn] with you
while mesmerizing you on the sly.
You were my cross-dresser disco teen star[fn]Travolta / trav[esti] (cross-dresser) / lolita[/fn]
I took[fn]meaning both "accept" and "have sex"[/fn] you without fuss,

Polyphonic Size - Girlscout

I grew up
On the sly
In the gutters and the streets
Of Petersburg

Anastasia (Musical) [OST] - My Petersburg

We counted miles to the street lanterns,
Those we pity, we beat them less.
And everyone believes at least once,
When sparkle on the sly the eyes.

And from drunks I want more still

Piknik (Russia) - I'll go- I'll stay

No batteries required

Doo wop bop,, ooi ooi doo wop, doo wop bop
You are always on the sly
When I see you smiling
With that look in your eyes

Gloria Estefan - Love Toy

"Taganskaya" station

First thawed patch - Stalin's funeral
The gypsum statue was removed on the sly.
Oh 60's, proud, pot-bellied,
Dilute the damned by thieves' song.

Lyube - Taganskaya Station

Who did design this shitty world?
Let me know him, I'm going to ged mad at him
I've been fighting him for 26 years
It always cheats me on the sly
So I dance with my doubts
As Kevin with his wolfs

Gemitaiz - Doubt's Ballad, pt. 3

It's good for soup and it took a lot to pull it!"

"Therefore now take the bucket with the bird
and go back home on the sly"
The grandma expected sea brams and starfishes
and I showed up with a pigeon...

La Maschera - Sea pigeon

So they bawl quite a bit to make us see how funny it is

I rediscovered fear at the age of twenty
I hadn’t asked anyone for anything, it just sidled up to me on the sly
It hit me in the back, it told me “go and put away your rangers <fn> Military style boots </fn>
And get in line behind the others”

Mickey 3D - The fear

‘kochira muikago no atashi. ōtō negaimasu, ōbā’
honno chotto shita koto de wakareta atashi to anata o tsunagu no wa...

sly… on the sly

‘kochira nanoka go no atashi. ōtō negaimasu, dōka…’

DECO*27 - Boku mitaina kimi, kimi mitaina boku.

I'm your friend, a girl exactly like you
But what you're doing keeps bothering me
For a few days you've been going out with my friend on the sly
You go out dancing with him and I sit alone at home

Gaby Baginsky - Thieves Come At Night