Smisurata preghiera (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Smisurata preghiera 6 translations
  • Translations: English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Sardinian, Spanish

Huge Prayer

High on the shipwrecks
from the viewpoint of the towers
bent and distant on the elements of the disaster
from the things that happen above the words
celebration of nothing
along an easy wind
of satiety of impunity
Scandal metal
of weapons in use and disused
to drive the column
of pain and smoke
that leaves the endless battles at nightfall
the majority are the majority are
praying the rosary
of petty ambitions
of millennial fears
of endless tricks
cultivating quietly
the horrible variety
of its arrogance
the majority are
as a disease
as unfortunate
as anesthesia
as a habit
for those traveling towards obstinate and contrary direction
with his special brand of special despair
and rejected moves between the vomit of the last steps
to bring to death a drop of splendor
of inhumanity of truth
for those who cared for leprosy in Aqaba with a fake scepter
and sowed his devastating passage of jealousies and of children
with improbable names of tango singers
in an extensive program of eternity
Lord remember these servants
disobedient of the laws of the pack
do not forget their faces
that after so much skid
it is just right that luck will help them
as an oversight
as an anomaly
as a distraction
as a duty
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Smisurata preghiera