So cold, so sad, so beautiful (French translation)


So cold, so sad, so beautiful

So cold is my Black Sea sometimes in summer
That only the children would brave its cold cover
So sad are the cautious - they already shiver
So beautiful is the sea in its wondrous shimmer!
So cold is your demeanor
So sad that it won't make you a winner
Just what words are left that I can deliver
So turned me into a sinner!
So cold that air tastes like ice
So sad sand castle frozen lies
So beautiful are the snowflakes
And windows covered by icy lace!
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French translation

Si froid, si triste, si beau !

Parfis, en été, ma Mer Noire est si froide
que seuls les enfants osent briser sa surface.
Et tous ceux qui prudemment frissonnent sont si tristes
devant cette mer scintillante. Elle est si belle !
Ton attitude est si froide.
Jamais tu ne l'emporteras en étant si triste.
Il ne me reste que peu de mots à ajouter.
Tu m'as poussée au péché. Tu es si beau !
L'air a un goût de glace, il est si froid !
Les mensonges se figent en châteaux de sables, c'est si triste !
Et les flocons de neige accrochent
leur dentelle aux fenêtres. C'est si beau !
Submitted by ingirumimusnocte on Fri, 07/12/2018 - 00:14
BlackSea4ever    Fri, 07/12/2018 - 00:34

And this is Pierre's beautiful addition that should be also translated to beautiful French...

So cold were your eyes when they gleamed wild,
so sad when they turned to what might have been,
so beautiful when they smiled like a child
eager to reclaim every stolen scene.

It seems our flowers weren't meant to bloom
under the dim light of our twisted path.
A sad jaded fate had spelled our doom
and we wouldn't dare to incur its wrath.

Now has come the time to scatter apart
our dreams to thwart chance and dispel our scars.
Yet will always shine in my darkened heart
two so cold, so sad, so beautiful stars.

Natur Provence    Tue, 11/12/2018 - 08:56

Cher ami, petite erreur: 1/1 Parfis--> parfois