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That's the way it becomes a day

When the stone faced spoil a dream
I pray to God let it be the one that comes from the depth of your heart
So go ahead and transform the stonefaces into shards
Or vegetate dreamless towards your retirement
When the iron birds kill children again
I pray to God let it be your's this time
Thus you must hunt the iron birds now
And shoot them down or you stay alone
That's the way it becomes a day
And no other way
That's the way you can call it living
When we don't cling like dead flies
To that sweet glue they call fate
When the trees freeze in that bitter snow
I pray to God let it be the forest in front of your door
So try to control the sulfur mushrooms
Or become breathless and die with me
When Judas shops around again in the alignments
I pray to God let him find your feeble wife
So that you eventually have to learn how to forgive
Or you'll become grey-haired amongst your dogs
That's the way it becomes a day ...
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So wird es Tag

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