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Social, social (English translation)

  • Artist: Vasile Șeicaru
  • Song: Social, social Album: Implicat în social(1995)

Social, social

Social cordial
şi o viaţă pe piedestal
Social nominal
nu apare-n proces verbal
Social ideal
şi gândire pe vertical
Social temporal
se revine uşor la mal
Social imoral
şi un ordin mai general
Social mondial
se transmite prin stil oral
Social cultural
nu e scurgerea prin canal
Social principal
ce visezi poate fi real
Social terminal
în culoare de tip floral
Social social...
ce rămâne-i puţin banal
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Social, social

Social, social
and a life on a pedestal
Social, nominal
doesn't appear in the verbal process
Social, ideal
and a vertical mentality
Temporary social
easily coming back to the shore.
Immoral social
and a general order.
World-wide social
sent orally
Cultural social
no draining through the canal.
Principal social
what you're dreaming can be real
Terminal social
in floral colour
Social social
What's remaining is a little
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