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Ship's log entry 612:
There are humans flying past my window.
After all those years I still can't comprehend it,
out of what has all that stuff created itself?
Has it put itself into space1 from zero to hundred?
Without asking(,) out of the nothing into the now?
Just like that, and out of itself?
And secretly applauding itself all day?
While quadrillions multiplied by quadrillions
multiplied by quadrillions forms are growing
and let themselves2 be formed to semiconscious beings
It was god!
I see, and who created god?
Well, I think something doesn't fit well with that.
Let's sum it up once again for clarity:
The nothing, the big bang, humanity, downfall,
... no, wait a sec, stop. That's too simple and too invented,
we are already being laughed at by all the
other races of the universe, as being
those who don't get3 anything, destroy themselves,
are crazy, depressed, don't see nor hear anything
lash about, are frightened and batshit,
(the ones) who forgot who they were
and always hoaxed themselves
and outmatched each other in the discipline of self-shamming,
our labyrinths exceed the expectations
of any possible master of the art of labyrinth-poetry,
we follow the rabbit and "whoops" suddenly the ground at
our feet is crumbling away, falling for 6000 years,
people who try belting themselves
to elegantly designed things which however are falling, too,
which4 already are semicooled down by the wind
and which4 enjoy the attention5
until resounding laughter echoes through the wind
because some people suddenly halt inmidst the wind
they stop, no, they float and they almost die laughing6
(they) have stopped halting and make a virtue
out of necessity7. They noticed that falling
becomes floating if one stops
clinging to things.
Once again back to the universe and to (the) life,
strictly speaking all this shouldn't8 exist.
Well, where should it come from then?
"Out of nothingness!"
Hey, we said "strictly speaking",
and strictly speaking nothing can emerge out of nothing
"Perhaps you just can't see it from your point of view."
Well, that could be, perhaps that's my problem
because I can't understand the other possibility any better9,
it is:
Something has existed always.
"Always? I think I still haven't checked it."
There has never be nothing, always something has happened.
"Since when?"
Dude! Stay focused, please.
"On what?"
On you and on the eternal, for fuck's sake!
It's the place where your existence originates from.
"So what? That's not my problem"
Who'd speak of a problem,
can't you see the miracle?
Which is spinning and becoming and never stopping spinning, all the while imitating light and immerging into itself? - "Light, what light?"
Don't tell me you don't see the light!
Everything around you is glowing, except for your I
because your I is the prism
in which the light is breaking
it converges, selects and presents itself like your I-perception, but in reality your I is much more extensive,
a part of the part which in the beginning was everything10
and will be (everything) once again when you let your I merge with everything around you, within you, and everything else, light with dark, zero with one,
the consciousness with the body
and all of that with the none
and so you unite the illusion with the existence,
and disassemble your old home to liberate your being.
"What kind of bullshit are you talking?
How about I just bite you?
For the perky way in which you behave.
First supply me evidences!"
For what?
"For the bullshit which you rhyme!"
You mean the one with the source and the zero and the one? - "Yes!"
Okay, let me ponder,
I really can't resent you your doubts
but you need to know that here everything is at stake11,
not just the name which is written on your satchel,
identity is something suprapersonal,
yes and no aren't something irreconcilable,
black and white both are light,
and non-existence doesn't exist.
"Those are no evidences!"
No, that's just preparation for what I'll show you.
You want awakening, revelation, liberation?
Of all illusions? Then I beg pardon,
I'm going to shock your mind with what I'll show you,
in reality you are a sock on a hand.
For real
And so we return
to the origin of the origin of the origin of the origin,
back to the so-called ovulation of the origin,
and that what is before that then quasi is my source
to which I now pose the following bold question:
"Why?" - It12 doesn't answer,
not really a source which buys over by (good) service,
perhaps it just isn't there at the moment
or didn't want to be disturbed,
or has seen me coming
and didn't want to be bothered
"Dude, that Peng again
he always appears here and has such a close view on things13 and asks questions to questions
which wear a high collar,
(he) asks apart his questions until even his questions wonder:
"Does he ask just for the sake of asking?
Does he really want to ask questions?"
Fatal question-fractals that gush out of his pores,
(he) tries to encircle me, rides asking waves
rides asking waves which even ask questions themselves.
Wait, I'm gonna sham him, gonna disguise my voice
and tell him he should order all his answers from Quelle14
Yo Peng! Just order all your answers from Quelle!
And not from me, the source of all existence. Okay?
I tell you what. Well, while you are talking of shocking,
you are the one here who is talking with a sock
which is sitting on your hand and talking with your voice
and you claim
the claim of that sock would be wrong?
Wrong! I'm the source itself,
it's not a hand at all which you are conversing with
you really believe that you are a separated being
(separated) from the cosmos, from the prime cause, from me and from life? Discrete, independent, with thoughts of your own? You are nuts if you don't feel:
You are part of a whole, of me, the sock of life,
I'm the cause of all your ambition,
manifestation of your higher being,
realize: resistance is futile!
You are the sock on my hand,
until now you have run away from the truth"
But sock
but sock...
"Shut up!
You are stupid, wrong, impudent and lazy! Convert
to Sockosophy, to Sockism, now or never!
I sockifize you, it happens,
just now and here, in time with the beat,
this is my realm...
Ship's log entry 612:
There are socks flying past my window.
Ship's log entry 612:
There are socks flying past my window.
  • 1. or "into the room"
  • 2. or "and can"
  • 3. in the meaning of "understand"
  • 4. a. b. refers to the "things"
  • 5. lit. "which put up with the fun"
  • 6. lit. "and they laugh themselves half dead"
  • 7. lit. "and reshape their hardship to a virtue"
  • 8. lit. "wouldn't be allowed to"
  • 9. "lit. "because alternative two isn't comprehensible by me, too"
  • 10. that line's a quote from Faust by Goethe
  • 11. lit. "that this is about everything"
  • 12. lit. "she" because "Quelle" is a feminine noun
  • 13. no idea how to express that line any better
  • 14. "Quelle" means "source" but here it refers to a mail-order company of that name
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