Candan Erçetin - Söz Vermiştin Bana (English translation)

English translation

You Had Promised Me

You had promised me
To grow old beside me
We had promised this world
Whatever is to become of us
See, how many years have passed by, but still...
Your last glance is what I have inherited
It remains hidden, to no avail
You should rather have let us wilt
I don't know what kind of an excuse can console
Which sin's cost this is
Neither my day nor my night can fool me
This kind of revenge can't be used
Is this reproach too much
Isn't this a heavy punishment
Tell me, who couldn't stand my being with you
There is no being alone like this
The sadness can't be shared
I can't share it, there is no way out
I'm not able to tell it, there is no word for that
The sorrows must be suffered as long as they happen
Once upon a time, somewhere...
We are going to meet again, there is no other way to this
We are going to get together again, there is no other way to this
It's going to be handled when its day comes
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Söz Vermiştin Bana

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