Solitude (English translation)

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Remember that I love you as much as a man can
But she's also necessary for me
She who has a wild beauty no one desires
Who made the wisest men taste folly
At first I ran away from her
I didn't correctly understand her language
I only saw the rose's thorns, not the petals of the flower
Getting to see them probably comes with age
She and I, we do no wrong
It's strange, I don't know what others see
We talk about this and that, we hold one another
I admit it disturbs me when she talks too much about me
Together we laugh, we dream
Together we search in the stars for those the skies took away from me
Always remember how much I love you
But also know that she's the only one who could understand me
She's known me since I was a child
She replaced my father
She often hid under the bed
She's my oldest friend, the passing time strengthens her
I thought I could live without her but I was wrong
Look deep into my eyes, she's staying there
Come closer, see how she sculpted her face into my eyes
It will soon be the time to go
My sweet loneliness is calling for me
I smell the perfume of my cursed flower
It is once more the time to go
My loneliness is calling for me
She's my sweet cursed flower
She's calling for me, I'm going...
To be honest I think I love her too much
Because once she asks for me I can't refuse her
Immediately I invite her to another dance
And I know I'll never be her only rider
Yes I accept it, I let her take me away
I know how much our love is frail
At first I was suffering, I couldn't handler her
But we love each other passionately since this day I chose her
She's known me since I was a child
She replaced my father
She often hid under the bed
My loneliness prefers when I only use a few words
She says that for dreams, verbs are like hunting
She knows silence is God's word
That everything else is a wrong understanding
She likes to slip into my stare's slit
She says I sound like a broken animal
She knows that I feel like I have no place to call home
That until now she's the only one who tamed me
I love you as much as a man can
But as soon as she calls, it's not my fault, I'm shaking
No matter the time, no matter the place
Immediately I invite her for another dance
I'm going, I'm going...
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