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Solo tu (English translation)

  • Artist: Matia Bazar
  • Song: Solo tu Album: Solo tu / Per un minuto e poi... (1977)
  • Translations: English
English translationEnglish

Only You

Only you
In the morning heat
That is reborn
Around the sun
What can matter anymore
If your skin lets itself be caressed
Waking up again now for me
It doesn't make sense without you
Only you
(Only you)
This morning
To still get up one day together with you
Only you
Out at dinner
Alone with the intimacy of candlelight
Being sure to create
The right atmosphere of people who want to love
We're as impatient as ever
In the silence around us
Only you
To still get up one day together with you
Only you
(Only, only, only you
Only, only, only you)
Only you
(Only, only, only you)
Here close by
My desires among the hair on the cushion
Only you
You know how to give me
Old and always-new things to dream of
A thousand times, you know it
It wasn't ever the same
Only you
(Only, only, only you)
The whole night
To still wake up one day together with you
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Solo tu

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