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Somliga går med trasiga skor (English translation)

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Some walk with broken shoes

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Some (as in people) walk with broken shoes,
tell (me) why is it so
God father witch in heaven lives
Maybe wants it that way
God father witch in heaven lives,
closes his eyes and sleeps good.
Who cares about a pare of broken shoes,
when you're old and tired
Who cares about how the days passes,
they continue freely. (lit. wander as they want)
Citizens within hundred years,
you'll no longer exist
Then someone else has taken you're chair,
of that you know nothing
You feel neither rain or sun,
down in your dark grave
Who cares about how the nights passes,
i don't give damn.
As long as I have my appearance left,
hidden in my darlings hair.
I am an doubtful character
Who's not good for nothing.
Behind a corner the devils lurking.
He grabs me when he wants
Some walk with broken shoes,
until they have stopped walking.
The Devil that lives in Hell,
gets a good laugh then.
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Submitted by sthlmblenheimsthlmblenheim on Sun, 28/10/2012 - 11:02
Author's comments:

+ Säg vad beror det på - Usually when you want someone to explain a bit more thoroughly, as in "Vad beror det på?" - "Why is that so?"
+ Blundar (att blunda) - A verb meaning "To close ones eyes".
+ Att inte bry sig ett spår - "Ett spår" is just something you can add, just like you ad "A damn". "Jag bryr mig inte - ett spår" "I dont care - give a damn"
+ Duga - Att "duga" is a way to describe if something/someone is "good enough". "det duger" - "thats good enough". "det duger inte" - "thats not good enough"

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Somliga går med trasiga skor

BrorBror    Sat, 16/01/2016 - 16:12

Many spelling, grammar and translation errors. But in whole, ok.

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