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Somliga går med trasiga skor (English translation)

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Some walk with tattered shoes

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Some walk with tattered shoes
say, why is that?
God, who lives in heaven
Maybe wants it that way.
God who lives in heaven,
closes his eyes and sleeps.
Who cares about a pair of tattered shoes,
when you're old and tired
Who cares how the days go
they turn out however they want.
Citizens, in a hundred years,
You no longer exist.
By then someone else has taken your seat
you don't know about that
you don't feel the rain or the sun
down in your quiet grave
who cares about how the nights go
I don't care at all
Only if I can keep my face
Hidden in my lover's hair.
I'm a shady guy.
Don't amount to much.
Behind a corner, Death lurks.
He takes me whenever he wants.
Some walk with tattered shoes,
until they stop walking.
The devil who lives in hell
gets a good laugh then.
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Somliga går med trasiga skor

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