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Somliga går med trasiga skor (English translation)

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Some walk in outworn shoes

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Some walk in outworn shoes
say why that is
father god in heaven above
might have wanted it that way.
Father god in heaven above,
sleeps tight at night
Who cares about a pair of outworn shoes,
when you are old and sick
Who cares how the days go by
they wander as they want.
Citizen in one hundred years,
when you no longer exist.
Then someone else has taken your chair
that you don’t know of
you feel neither rain or the sun
down in your deep dark grave
who cares how the nights fly by
I don’t care at all
Just as long as I still have my face
Hidden in my lovers hair.
I am an doubtful figure.
Isn’t good for a lot.
Behind a corner is death waiting on.
He takes me when he wants.
Some walk in outworn shoes,
til they have stopped to walk.
The devil in hell below
might get a good laugh then.
Submitted by i'm herei'm here on Wed, 04/05/2022 - 05:25

Somliga går med trasiga skor

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