Subway to Sally - Sommertag (English translation)

English translation

Summer day

The Sun splashes onto the sofa
Runs on the carpet, a sea
In which the dust seems to bathe (swim)
A sea of heat
And all things here around me
Are calm and silent
A shirt, a bed, a picture - no comfort
A burned piece of toast for breakfast
And conserved as if in amber
The fly in the honey jar
Was drowned
As it overate
What a day
What a summer day
A fallen sky that lay in the grass
The air is stifling and stagnant
Pondered and smoked too much
What if it was just a bit cooler
I would give everything and more
For one hour
Of summer rain here
What a day...
But only sweat runs over me
Sticky and tired, sprawls
In me the illusion that you were with me
But since no wind moves the clouds
It's toast with honey that remains
In the sea of heat
What a day...
Submitted by Preciouss on Tue, 07/08/2012 - 08:01
Author's comments:

I'm not a native German speaker, so, as always, if you spot any mistakes, I'll be thankful and I'll include your corrections in the translation. Regular smile

Also, since the original poster didn't post a link to the song, here it is:



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