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We're of the Street

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You know we're of the street
there's breeding* and soul, feel the fire,
I make the rules of the game
because we're of the street
there's breeding and soul, feel the fire,
I make the rules of the game.
(Verse 1)
We struggle with the law, or we do something illegal.
This is business, don't take it personally.
And I know that today, you are here, my homie,
and I don't know, because of bravery, if you will be here tomorrow.
What is it that you want, I know what you want.
Money, money, it's what the whole world wants.
So glutton*, you will see your own end for ambition.
Ambition is the first step to betrayal.
Yes Sir, that's why they burst.
Well you can't bite the hand that feeds you.
And here, you can't break the word of man,
for your life could be the price.
Don't damage your record for a freak.
The laws of the street aren't the laws of the court.
Here the judges dictate sentences with fire
in battles where there is no ground below you.*
Repeat Chorus
(Verse 2)
Some are born to lead, and others to follow.
The second is your grand admirer. (Yup)
Time goes by and they require positions from you.
Teach something and they want to give you instructions.
Jump rope, serruchador.*
Did you forget when you asked me a favor? (slave)*
I'm not worrying myself with you anymore. This, I did for you.
I'm reminding you that you don't serve!
What happens, happens, and I turn my back on no one.
I wouldn't betray even a business brother for a skirt.*
They get wrapped up in stupid stuff and they fail you.
They think they deserve it, and they deceive themselves.
And in the street, they ate you alive.
The treasurer put pressure on you with Technicide.*
You ended up seated in the witness chair.
Wow, what a sweet name you gave to the farm/hamlet.*
Repeat Chorus
Submitted by ElGringoElGringo on Sun, 16/03/2014 - 02:21
Author's comments:

*breeding - The meaning of the word cria is very flexible. It is mostly used to represent the idea that the subjects of the matter were raised in the same way. So "hay cria" is a way of saying that the people from the street are all bonded together by similar pasts and experiences.
*glutton - You will find many different words right here in the English lyrics of the song from different people. This is because the Spanish word used can mean different things, all of which make sense in context. The word gloton can mean either a glutton, guzzler, or an a-hole.
*no ground below you - The Spanish words right here are hard to give a definite meaning because different people hear different words. In Spanish the ways to say "in duels where there is no ground below you" and "in duels where there is no relief" (the other phrase that some people believe is being used) can sound almost exactly the same.
*serruchador - Lit. a handsawer - used in slang to describe someone who tries to make their way to the top through dirty means, ex. someone killing a gang leader so that they can take the spot - Jump rope, serruchador is most likely a way of telling the person to stay on their toes.
*(slave) - the word here in Spanish is Lambon. This is most likely derived from lambioche, which means someone who is like a servant.
*skirt - a young woman
*Technicide - Most likely a term that refers to a law in the area where Yankee grew up that forced the shutdown of large technology businesses through financial means, hence the preceding sentence about the treasurer (of the government) putting pressure on someone. This same law could have likely caused instability in the streets with gangs and other street organizations.
*"Wow, what a sweet name..." - Most likely refers to some specific event that Yankee experienced, and, therefore, it's hard to understand what he is referring to.
***The mysterious "they" in this rap most likely refers to the other people of the street, or involved in the gang life.
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Somos de calle

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