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Sona Mariama (English translation)

  • Artist: Mandinka Children Songs
  • Song: Sona Mariama

Sona Mariama

Sona Mariama
Wo Sona Mariam
Di? di? balanta
Baama a fai do la
Sona Mariam.
A kal be taalaa ko reto (korewo)
Koma koma wyredo (wydaala)
(ko me? ko me?)
la Sona Mariam
a di? di?, di? di? bamboo
a tilo mina 'n fala
(a kiidee mina 'n fala)
Sona Mariam.
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Sona Mariama

Sona Mariama1
That Sona Mariam.
A child that refuses
To work for her mother and father,
Sona Mariam.
Wants to drift idly like cattle,
Or water trickling into a stream.
Sona Mariam.
(It is) babies that need to be carried.
The sun will kill me.
(alt: Loneliness will kill me)
Sona Mariam.
  • 1. A person's name.
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