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Armin van BuurenGoing Wrong  English1 min 37 sec
Dash BerlinWorld Falls Apart  English9 min 13 sec
MaRLoLeave My Hand  English17 min 15 sec
DJ MuscleBoy#VIKINGCLAP  English3 hours 45 min
Ariana GrandeBed  English5 hours 3 min
MorgxnBruised  English5 hours 6 min
Rod StewartA Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square  English8 hours 18 min
Kodaline shed a tearShed a tear  English9 hours 58 min
Danielle BradberyHello Summer  English10 hours 2 min
Ruth LorenzoSpanish guitar  English11 hours 1 min
Ricky MartinVente Pa' Ca (Chinese version)  English12 hours 18 min
girl in redgirls  English12 hours 43 min
Earth, Wind & FireStar  English12 hours 44 min
John FosterPatricia  English12 hours 53 min
Ricky MartinVida (Spanglish version)  English12 hours 57 min
John FosterWhy  English13 hours 2 min
Ashes RemainRise  English13 hours 16 min
No ResolveTurning You Over  English13 hours 21 min
Vama Veche17 Ani  English13 hours 22 min
No ResolveChampions  English13 hours 23 min
Nicky JamX (Spanglish version)  English13 hours 26 min
No ResolveWhat You Deserve  English13 hours 35 min
No ResolveChange It All  English13 hours 42 min
No ResolveThe Pusher  English13 hours 43 min
No ResolveWhat You Wanted  English13 hours 44 min
No ResolveLove Me to Death  English13 hours 48 min
No ResolveWake up  English13 hours 50 min
ElvellonOraculum  English14 hours 19 min
ElvellonThe Puppeteer  English14 hours 23 min
Sir RoseveltThe Bravest  English14 hours 32 min
Chris ReaSo lonely  English14 hours 33 min
Betty WhoFriend Like Me  English14 hours 36 min
Chris ReaGood morning  English14 hours 43 min
Betty WhoJust Thought You Should Know  English14 hours 48 min
Tobias AlbertPosing Like a Model  English15 hours 3 min
peter manosin my head  English15 hours 48 min
The NeighbourhoodToo Serious  English16 hours 23 min
ElysionWhat Lies Beneath  English16 hours 25 min
ElysionTransparent  English16 hours 27 min
ElysionChanging  English16 hours 28 min
ElysionMade Of Lies  English16 hours 29 min
ElysionSomeplace Better  English16 hours 30 min
ElysionIn Despair  English16 hours 31 min
ElysionBreakfree  English16 hours 33 min
Eddie MurphyHow Could It Be  English16 hours 41 min
lil happy lil sadCuttin On Me  English16 hours 50 min
SadeIt's Only Love That Gets You Through  English17 hours 39 min
SadeLovers Rock  English17 hours 47 min
SadeThe Sweetest Gift  English17 hours 56 min
SadeAll About Our Love  English18 hours 2 min
SadeBe That Easy  English18 hours 37 min
ArashGoalie Goalie  English18 hours 47 min
SadeBabyfather  English18 hours 48 min
SadeBring Me Home  English19 hours 3 min
SadeSkin  English19 hours 11 min
The DøGonna Be Sick!  English20 hours 26 min
SadeLike a Tattoo  English20 hours 34 min
GalneryusAlsatia  English20 hours 35 min
SadeI Couldn't Love You More  English20 hours 40 min
SadeFeel No Pain  English20 hours 49 min
SymforiaThe Nun of Gehenna  English21 hours 17 min
SymforiaA Lullaby For Mina  English21 hours 19 min
SymforiaNocturnal Symfonies  English21 hours 25 min
SymforiaRealm Of The Departed  English21 hours 29 min
Jorja SmithDon't Watch Me Cry  English21 hours 30 min
KygoBorn to be yours  English22 hours 21 min
Terence Trent D'ArbyLet's Go Forward  English23 hours 21 min
Pink FloydMarooned  English23 hours 41 min
5 Seconds of SummerBabylon  English1 day 25 min
5 Seconds of SummerMeet You There  English1 day 27 min
5 Seconds of SummerMonster Among Men  English1 day 29 min
5 Seconds of SummerEmpty Wallets  English1 day 32 min
5 Seconds of SummerWoke Up In Japan  English1 day 35 min
5 Seconds of SummerWhy Won't You Love Me  English1 day 36 min
5 Seconds of SummerBetter man  English1 day 38 min
5 Seconds of SummerMore  English1 day 41 min
Betty WhoAll Things (from "Queer Eye")  English1 day 6 hours
John FosterWhat a Sky  English1 day 6 hours
Dark SarahHunting the Dreamer  English1 day 8 hours
BeyoncéNICE  English1 day 9 hours
BeyoncéBOSS  English1 day 9 hours
BeyoncéAPESHIT  English1 day 9 hours
BeyoncéSUMMER  English1 day 9 hours
Kimberley Michelle BarrFaith in Humanity  English1 day 10 hours
Tame ImpalaBe Above It  English1 day 10 hours
ChromaticsShadow  English1 day 10 hours
TravisEverything at Once  English1 day 12 hours
OasisFuckin' In the Bushes  English1 day 12 hours
CG5Can I Get an Amen?  English1 day 13 hours
CG5Horror Show  English1 day 13 hours
CG5Spotlight  English1 day 13 hours
5 Seconds of SummerMoving Along  English1 day 14 hours
5 Seconds of SummerTalk Fast  English1 day 14 hours
The Stone RosesElizabeth My Dear  English1 day 15 hours
Yemi AladeHow I Feel  English1 day 16 hours
Lily AllenApple  English1 day 16 hours
Trey Songznobody else but you  English1 day 17 hours
Lily AllenFamily Man  English1 day 17 hours
Paul AnkaCan't Take My Eyes Off of You  English1 day 17 hours
DivineHard Magic  English1 day 17 hours