Tony Carreira - Sonhos de menino (English translation)

English translation

Childhood dreams

I remember a village lost in Beira, place that saw my birth
I remember a boy who walked alone, dreamed of one day being
Being a romantic songs singer
With the will of God he won
In that little village, the boy was me
And today singing
In each song I bring that place within my heart
Child I once was now I am a man and nothing has changed
And today when I sing I cannot forget that place that saw my birth
So nice to recall that little corner and the childhood dreams
I have the life that I want
Not always happy but it's the one I chose
Unhappy in love, but deeply a singer
Life gave me what I asked for
If I could go back I would do the same you can believe me
That boy I would be again
Chorus (x3)
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Sonhos de menino

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