Sonum Olur (English translation)


Sonum Olur

Mağlubum kabulüm
Gözlerine sürgünüm
İnkar etmedim amma
Döner mi bilmeden
Senelerce bekledim
Onu mumla arattı hayat
Yardım et ne olur
Kalbim böyle kahrolur
Bir yolu yok mudur?
Bu sevda sonum olur
Sen yalnız kal da bir gör
Belaya düşmeyegör
Neden diye sordun mu kendine?
Kalbin bir bana mı kör ?
Submitted by uniquenessuniqueness on Sun, 28/02/2021 - 18:56
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It Will Be My End

I admit I'm defeated
I am exiled for the sake of your eyes
I've never denied, but
Without knowing whether he return or not
I've waited for years
Life has made me hankering for him
Please help me!
Otherwise, my heart will be devastated
Is there another way?
This love will be my end
You'll learn when you're alone
You'll learn when you're in trouble
Have you ever asked yourself?
Is your heart solely blind to me?
Submitted by uniquenessuniqueness on Sun, 28/02/2021 - 19:04
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Enes Tekin
" The song has been translated to convey the meaning within. The original translation that is made by other applications/individuals might get wrong or confusing translations."

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