Zeki Müren - Sorma Arkadaşım (English translation)

English translation

Don't Ask, My Friend

Don't ask why I'm upset,my friend
Everyone who passed by hurt me then went
She rubbed a burning cigarette on my heart
Then went not watching her back
Mejnun's1 situation is better than mine
If I lie, I want the consequences of love
Like a bird leaving the nest
She suddenly flew away in a morning
My heart was punished in every game of love
My fate slept in the arms of the cruelness
The grieves are around my neck like an amulet
My unfaithfull lover left
I'm not myself anymore, who's in me
I'm living in vain without her, belive in me
It's like one day she'll come in through this door
She went away writing her name on my heart
  • 1. Mejnun is Romeo of the East
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Sorma Arkadaşım

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