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S.O.S. (English translation)


男は狼なのよ 気をつけなさい
年頃になったなら つつしみなさい
羊の顔していても 心の中は
狼が牙をむく そういうものよ
このひとだけは 大丈夫だなんて
うっかり 信じたら
駄目 駄目 ああ駄目駄目よ
ほらほら 呼んでいるわ
今日もまた 誰か乙女のピンチ
うっとりするような夜に ついついおぼれ
そんな気になるけれど 考えなさい
瞼をとじたら負けよ 背のびをしたら
何もかもおしまいよ そういうものよ
昔のひとが いうことみたいだと
ぼんやり きいてたら
駄目 駄目 ああ駄目駄目よ
ほらほら 呼んでいるわ
今日もまた 誰か乙女のピンチ
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Beware, men are wolfs
Especially if they are old enough, be cautious
Even the ones that look like sheep, deep down...
...they are wolves baring their fangs. That's how they usually are
"But this guy is different. He's a nice guy"
If you foolishly believe on that nonsense...
Don't! Just don't!
S.O.S!! S.O.S!!
Here, listen...
Even today another girl is in trouble again
On the enchanting night, in the heat of the moment... might be tempted, but think again
If you close your eyes, you'll lose. If you try to cross the limit,'s all over. That's how it is
You might think I sound too old school...
...and shrug off what I said, but...
Don't! Please don't!
S.O.S!! S.O.S!!
Here, listen...
Even today another girl is in trouble again
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RetroPandaRetroPanda    Mon, 28/11/2022 - 02:36

This is Pink Lady second single released in November 25, 1976. It was their first song that reached #1 in Oricon chart (and soon would be followed by other Oricon #1 rank songs for 9 consecutive times). The total sales are 650,000 according to Oricon, or 1,200,000 according to their own source.

(*this is not the first time Oricon data contradicts with the company's own internal data, it happens to other idols too.  Thing to consider: Oricon might fail to strictly track the sales of every single Japanese singer since there are too many, but they're neutral. The company might know better about their own sales than outsider like Oricon , but they might have their own interest, there's possibility such as trying to make their artist look bigger. Each side has their own pros and cons. So, it's up to the reader which one you wanna believe, but there's no doubt that Pink Lady were very big in their era). 


In the original version, they added a real S.O.S distress signal in morse code in the song intro, but it caused trouble when they wanted to air it on radio. It could be seen as false alarm and prohibited by law, so they cut it out.


Their live performances:

^ on the beach

^ in casual clothes

^ in kimono



2005 version:


2011 version:


RetroPandaRetroPanda    Mon, 28/11/2022 - 02:38

Cover version:


S.O.S covered by Nakamori Akina & Kyon2:

^ in "Yoru no Hit Studio"


part 2 (after singing)

^ there were familiar faces. Look at those 5 girls behind the presenter (0:32).

uji nauji na    Mon, 28/11/2022 - 23:33

背のびをしたら is not "If you try to cross the limit,"

It means, "if you try to stretch yourself asking for a kiss, everything is going to end. That's how the things are."

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