Soy lo prohibido (English translation)

  • Artist: Alicia Villarreal (Martha Alicia Villarreal Esparza)
  • Song: Soy lo prohibido
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I am what is forbidden

I am that blemish of your skin
that you can't detach anymore:
I am what is forbidden.
I am that fever of your being
which dominates you whitout wanting:
I am what is forbidden.
I am that night of pleasure,
the one of the delivery without paper:
I am your punishment.
Because in your false privacy
in each hug you make him
you dream of me.
I am the sin I gave you,
new illusion in love:
I am what is forbidden.
I am the adventure which arrived
to help you continue
on your way.
I am that kiss which is given
without it can be explained.
I am that number which never
out of here you will pronounce.
I am that love you will deny
to save your dignity:
I am what is forbidden.
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Soy lo prohibido

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