Spanish slang

-Giales ('Gial' for singular)- This means 'girls'. I am 90% sure this comes from a Spanish adaptation to the pronunciation of 'girl' in Patua. Listen to Temperature by Sean Paul when he says "Oh lord, girl I got the right tactics to turn you on" to hear it clearly.

-Pelon- The only meaning I know is 'bald'

-Machucando- Means 'smashing'. This is an allusion to the way people dance reggaeton (smashing the girl's rear).

-atabajo (correct spelling is hasta abajo)- go down, or to go down. Usually yelled at girls, or to a couple so they go as low as they can.

Cangri- A person that is respected. Equivalent to saying 'tha man'. This is strictly Puertorican I think.

acicala'(acicalada)- well groomed, dressed nicely.

janguear- from the English 'hang out'

no te me ajores- do not be scared, don't be alarmed. They say 'ajores' in the song to make it rhyme with 'mejores' but its really 'no te me azores'.

vacilar- to have fun

bocina- the speaker

toma- take it (the man offers his stuff)

dame- give me (woman asking for the man's stuff) lol

rozar- to rub

perrear- to dance reggaeton. Girl in front facing away, her butt rubbing against the guy's groin. If you want to see how most girls dance it Now imagine you are back there. THATS PERREO!

puyo- 'muevete ese cu.. por ahi mismo yo te puyo' means 'move that 4$$, thats where you will get plugged' lol

wateque (guateque)- could mean different things. It can mean 'party'. The expressions 'darte wateque' means practically the same as 'have sex' or 'have a lot of fun with you".

yo se que a ti te gusta cuando estamos envueltos - 'I know you like it when are wrapped around each other'

que tu eres la demente- not clinically insane. He means that she does things that no one else does, thats why he likes her...

eso ehh (eso es) - equivalent to saying 'that's how i like it'

presea - from the English 'press'. Pression from someone to a point that it gets annoying (as in your girlfriend constantly being on top of you). He says 'presea dale presea' as a dare to the girl.

sonando- this alone means 'sounding'. If you give me the whole phrase I can see if it is used in a different sense.

escapularios- religious necklaces with the image of a saint ==click the link to see one:

hudo: the song really says 'muevete duro' which means 'move it hard'

Mus- a goodlooking guy
ojitos- kind of an endearing term for eyes, like cute litle eyes...
Jangueo- I hang out, from the verb "Janguear"
Eliel- i do believe that is the name of the man Don Omar sings for.

Donkeo comes from the English word dunk (basketball). The song is a metaphor describing his superiority with respect to the other artists.

"A la disco llego, su victima setió"
'Disco' is short for discoteque, where the party is taking place
'Setió' comes from the English 'set'
Roughly, that means that the girl arrived at the disco and immediately set or chose her victim (remember she is compared to a vampire because she is a devourer of men)

apredita- i think this is like saying morena o treiguena but not sure
capicu- i know is a dominoe term, but not what it means

funkete comes from funk. lol
bache is a hindering, an obstacle
basofia is something despiseful, complete garbage
culeca is the old hen who is laying eggs.
culillo is diminitive for ***

culillo= culo in diminutive (-ito -illo for male, -ita -illa for female), so it's little butt.

Morena... In the skin: In whites, colored less clear.. no black no white

Zángana (female) Zángano (male)... its like someone weak or clumsy, men or woman...who are lazy and live expense of others...

Maluco - Probably from 'malo', bad guy

Guasimillas - Senseless, crappy stuff.

Chulin Culin Chunfly - This was invented by the guy who wrote the song so all we can do is try to figure out the meaning by analizing the words and the context of the song. Chulin Culin comes from the two Spanish words 'Chulo' and 'Culo', respectively, so this part means 'Cute Butt'. 'Chunfly' is how many latinos pronounce 'Cornflakes'. Putting it all together, we come up with a nice recipe of "Cute Butt Cornflakes". This makes sense in the context of the song because he says "With your 'Cute Butt Cornflakes', I open my mouth and my tongue droops".

Enamoren- (subjunctive ustedes... form of enamorar, to enamor/win the heart of) so, they win the heart of/ they enamor.

Traicionera- trecherous

Cuentame- tell me (its a command)... cuentaME todos tus secretos (tell ME all of your secrets).

Sacala- another command. take it, it (la) is a femanine noun that you add to the end of the verb... so instead of saca la foto, you just say "sacala"

Mismo/misma- the same

Pelón- A boricua slang for someone stupid. Like someone who makes stupid jokes but doesn't make anyone to laugh, in this case... the guy is a joke.

bocina- Not only speaker but in some other songs it means the car's horn.

eso es- means that's it. We the puerto ricans say "eso es" to encourage someone when doing something like dancing sexy or something like that.

CHULIN CHULIN CHUNFLY- doesn't mean anything you said but was taken as a parody of an old song of Chespirito. I think was "el chavo" or "chapulin colorado" I still remember that old song chulin chulin chunfly.

sacale todo el sudor= make her sweat
sueltate = get loose
vamos pa encima= lets get to it, let's do it
pegate = get close

'Titere' means 'puppet'. It just someone who is manipulated by someone else.

Culipandeo = to shake your butt

Cucu = a more decent way of saying "Culo"

verme= see me

pam pam= a sound, like bam! bam!. In the song it refers to sex or something sexual (the sound of the guy hitting the woman).

pegao (pronunciation of "pegado") = tightly, closely.

eso ehh (pronunciation of "eso es") = that's it, that's how it's done, that's right

'estar acojonado"='to be scared'
'acojonar a alguien=tener acojonado a alguien'='to scare someone'

Guayando: dancing very close. It's the way you usually dance reggaeton. Some say it's a very explicit way of dancing.

Sandungueo: it's the rythm of the reggaeton. The word has its origins in the parties with music that gypsy people used to do in some parts of Spain so it came to mean any fast and cheerful rythm -as cheerful as the parties were.

culo ---> a s s
dale caliente ----> give it to her very hot
dime ---> Tell me
fuego ---> Fire
tomo ----> Lots of possible translations: I take, I have...
ay chico (lengua afuera) ---> oh boy (draw out your tongue)
'pale de tu pueres' ---> I guess it's "Dale que tu puedes" ---> give it to her, that you can!

Tirate can be used in abstract forms to mean several things. For example, I often say "voy a tirarme para alla" to mean "voy a ir para alla". Its just a creative way of adding excitement to an otherwise boring phrase.
People say "Tirate" alone to incite people to do whatever thing comes to the case. If you want Arturo to step in the middle of a circle when people are dancing you can say to him "dale Arturo tirate". In the song you can imagine that she wants him to do whatever comes to your imagination because she just shouts it out of the blue with no context...

First of all is " AGUANILÉ " and it is a very very very very slang word from colombia and venezuela and it is a mixture word from african laguage and spanish. And it is used in some kind of cult ( sect ). It comes from AGGUAN ( means cleaning ) and ILE ( means home , territory ) and it is used in s sort of religion of catholic rome and africans gods ...

"Combo" = Group of friends, squad.

"Sicarios" = Assassins

"Mai" - A short way of saying 'mami'. The English counterpart of this: In the song "Hey bay bay" they used 'bay' instead of 'babe'.

Dimelo it means = tell me
diselo = tell him

vivelo = live it ..

Rochao in argentinian means a poor guy

mámame el bicho = suck my d**k
qué carajo quieres = What the hell you want
coño = Maria is righ is a swear (means p***y)
puñeta= is an exlamation meanning 'surprise', 'astonishment' or 'annoyance'
pinga = d**k
to' eso = todo eso =everything
crica = p***y
muerdeme duro = bite me hard
bebida (fem. adj) = drunk
mamabicho = Refers to a person who thinks high on himself. Someone who think he is like a pimp,when actually he is nothing.
(Mamar Bicho also refers to oral sex)

Mamon = in spanish from spain "sucker". In Argentina tender ...

- Vete pa' el carajo=go to hell (I think)
- Mas fea que un culo=more ugly than an a$s (as you said)
- Canto de cabron=song of keratas (sorry I don't know the english word, just the greek one )
- tu no me jodas=don't f*** me (I think that no + subjunctive has the meaning of imperative)

Guayar es bailar pegao = grind

Bonche- can mean LOAD, but I'd have to haer it in the song
Gema- depending on contex can mean Gem like "Tu eres mi gema" (you are my gem) kinda like a term of endearment
Coquetea- flirts

quedate conmigo=stay with me
de lejos=from far away; from a distance

"keratas" is the guy that his wife/woman is cheating badly on him

"Oye Loca! Ven pa’ca" = "Hey crazy girl, come over here"
hey girl! , come here
a little rude way to approach a woman to catch her attention

"Si tu quiere’ que te coma toda" = "If you want me to eat you all"

"Botar la bola" is a phrase latinos use to say "Homerun" (get it out of the park)
It means that the mother and father of the girl "hit a homerun" when they had the girl because she came out so FINE. It simply means that they did a great job

masacote = large penis (slang)

perro sato = a type of street dog in P.R.

carajo = hell

maldita sea! = damn you!

fuetazo = whip (noun)

Cabron - ****er
hijoeputa- son of a beeetch
wuey- fool
ke onda -what up
ke ba - say what?

Guey - which literally means j a c k a s s but they use it like english "dude"

sacar primero means to move (draw) first in a game
"saco primero": I'm #1.

"soy mas weno": I am better.

weno the correct form is bueno=good
"weno" means good, however, the phrase is in the superlative, ie: "mas weno" therefore, it means better, NOT good...."weno" alone would mean good.."mas" means more.

EL RATO..pasar el rato con mis amigos = to hang out with friends....
So..."un rato" its a piece of time in our lives....ratito its a smallest piece...

"no me ronques" in songs. That's slang for "don't f**k with me" or "don't provoke me".

Sata means slutty

chiquilla (diminutive for chica) = girl, baby
tus papás = parents (we use the masculine plural for refering to both, father and mother)

chiquita has a meaning of litle one, small one too, and make it more diminutive saying chiquitita as in the ABBA song

gilipollas = bloody fool or idiot

Ser gilipollas =means to be a prat or a dork

´metiste la pata´ you made a mistake

"que pedo" is kind of like saying que onda and not just mexicans use it alot of salvadorians use it and hodurenos.
it does not mean "what fart" like if its used in a conversation
example- "que paso guey"
"pues nada..."
"a donde vas?"
"pues ya me boy al pachanga pa ver que pedo"
would be like saying wats up guey{not exact on that meaning except that it is also like saying bull} well nothing....where are you going...well im going to the party to see whats poppin" thats how it would be used or the same as que onda

a caco is like the stereotype of someone who listens to reggaeton.
A person who has no self respect, originality, and/or taste for music. Cacos listen to reggaeton at full volume so they seem cool in front of their peers. They also have a tendency to idolatrize cars, women, and money above everything else because they of their obvious superficiality and lack of intelectual capacity. Cacos use plenty of foul language, slang, and will laugh and/or comment on the mention of words like "stick", "balls", and "hole", turning any decent conversation into ridiculous sex talk.

"sofocao" (sofocado) means "suffocated" and it can be used in both a literal or in a figurative sense

pa que tu te luca
so that you look good/impressive

we come back

musica que siga que siga musica
(let) the music go on and on

la farandula
the showbiz

la película
the film/movie

lambones are one of 2 things
1) asskissers
2) someone who invites themselves into things where they aren't wanted
for instance you're having a conversation and somebody tries to join in you could say "tu si ere lambon". Crashing a party would also be something a lambon would do.

palomo means:
1. male pigeon
2. thief
3. woodpigeons
4. Propaganda, (person) who is very clever in these kind of things
First two are the most common in México, and also dependes of the sentence

humo amrgo is like being piss drunk

Setio = slang for the past tense of "set"

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