Hymns & Music of Ancient Greeks - Σπάρτας παιάν (Τυρταίος) (English translation)

Greek (classical)

Σπάρτας παιάν (Τυρταίος)

Ἄγετ᾽ ὦ Σπάρτας εὐάνδρου
κῶροι πατέρων πολιητᾶν,
λαιᾶι μὲν ἴτυν προβάλεσθε,
δόρυ δ᾽ εὐτόλμως πάλλοντες,
μὴ φειδόμενοι τᾶς ζωᾶς
οὐ γὰρ πάτριον τᾶι Σπάρται
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English translation

Sparta’s paean (Tyrtaeus)

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Advance, oh goodman* Sparta’s
warriors** of fathers (that are) citizens,
jugging on one hand the shield out
bravely brandishing on the other hand the spear
without sparing (your own) lifes
because this isn’t patrimonial in Sparta
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Author's comments:

*goodman is used as an adjective for the ancient greek word "εὕανδρος" that in modern english would be translated more or less as land of the brave
**the word "κοῦρος" was translated as warrior but it also means young man, at that time and place these meanings where kind of identical

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