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Спасибо Т-34 (Spassibo T-34) (English translation)

  • Artist: Lyube (Любэ)
  • Song: Спасибо Т-34 (Spassibo T-34)
  • Translations: Czech, English, French

Спасибо Т-34

А поле боя держится на танках,
Взревут моторы, и сверкнет броня.
По грязи, по оврагам полустанков
Прорвут любую линию огня.
На-на-най, на-на-най,
На-на-най, на-на-най,
И дрогнет враг от танковой атаки,
Рубеж непроходимый будет наш.
По сотне грамм из запыленной фляги
За танк родной поднимет экипаж.
И за Урал седой, творца победы
Танкисты не забудут помянуть.
Пускай без нас скучают лазареты,
Приказ получен, завтра снова в путь.
Уходят танки, стройные колонны,
Уходят танки в ковылях сухих,
И над землей, от битвы раскаленной,
Зарницы звонко провожают их.
А танк, он не за звезды на мундире,
Под Прохоровкой ранен был в бою.
Спасибо тебе, Т-34,
За боевую молодость мою.
Приказ получен, с песней под тальянку,
Танкистам, эх, закат или рассвет,
Ведь поле боя держится на танках,
И по-другому не бывает, нет.
Ведь поле боя держится на танках,
И по-другому не бывает, нет.
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Thank you, T-34

A battleground is held by tanks.
Motors scream and armour plating shines.
Through mud, through anti-tank ditches,
they'll break through any line of fire.
na na nai, ...
And the enemy will tremble from the tank assault,
we'll capture the most inaccessable objective.
With a ration of vodka1 drawn from a dusty flask
the crew will raise a toast to their beloved tank.
And the tank crews will not forget to raise a glass to
the grey-haired Urals who shaped victory2
Let the field hospitals bore themseves without us.
We've got our orders, tomorrow we'll be on the move again.
Tanks are departing in thin columns
Tanks are departing amid the dry steppe grass
And above the earth, coming from the combat zone,
explosion flashes guide their way.
A tank is not about stripes or decorations3
I was wounded in battle at Prokhorovka4
Thank you, T-34,
for my youth spent fighting.
We've got your orders, with an accordion tune (in the background).
Tank crews (must be ready) at dawn or at dusk,
since a battleground is held by tanks,
and it can't go any other way, and that's a fact.
Since a battleground is held by tanks,
and it can't go any other way, and that's a fact.
  • 1. lit. "100 grams". Alcohol is measured by weight instead of volume in Russia. 100 grams would be slightly more than 10 centiliters
  • 2. Soon after the beginning of the Great Partiotic War, a huge number of industrial complexes were moved into the Urals, outside the range of German bombers. People there worked in extremely difficult conditions to restore industrial capacity and produce a massive amount of weapons and supply. "grey haired" alludes to the fact that only the elderly, childrend and some women worked there, the rest of the population was sent to the front or other military duties
  • 3. lit. "about stars on the (uniform) jacket". Don't know if the stars allude to rank insignas on the shoulder pads or the golden star of "hero of the Soviet Union", the highest possible decoration, roughly comparable to the Victoria Cross or the Medal of Honor
  • 4. The biggest tank clash of the war, during the battle of Kursk in 1943
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Author's comments:

Hah, now a song to praise a tank. They got tired of doing a new version of Katyusha every year or what? I suppose they'll soon do another one about the KV-1 or the ISU-152. And then maybe the Yak-9 or the La-5?
"The fierce pilot of the 129th IAK PVO jumps boldly into the cockpit of his powerful Mig-3. Soon the fascist bombers will cover the Motherland with their unholy shadows, but the brave pilot would rather die than letting them get away with it. Soon one foe is pouring smoke and fleeing like the coward he is. Damn it! Out of ammo! But I still have my beloved and faithful Mig-3. I'll do a taran and take the Fritz with me!"
"In a simple wooden isba, a young an pure-hearted youg girls stiffles a sob. His beloved pilor has made the ultiumate sacrifice for her sake and the sake of a whole nation. Proudly she raises her head and off she goes to factory #3 "Maxim Gorky" to exceed her quota of 76mm shells for our fearsome ZIS-76 anti-tank gun."
But that story will be on our next album.

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IgeethecatIgeethecat    Sat, 14/04/2018 - 05:24

Just because you asked me to:)

Your grams conversion is off. 100 grams is not full glass of water, it’s at least, at least half of it depending on the size of the glass

фляга, фляжка- flask - durable, convenient thing to hold an alcohol

4th stanza- they are still toasting and the first 2 lines in your translation don’t make any sense.
Помянуть - it’s when someone dies, fellows remember him, usually with a drink.. you translated as they will remember, and it makes perfect sense
But what really bugs me is:
the grey-haired Urals who forged victory

IgeethecatIgeethecat    Sat, 14/04/2018 - 06:37

Oh, well. You passed my test on Russian comprehension. Sorry, I cannot help you on military jargon
And I have to say that I admire you for dipping into my country history

IgeethecatIgeethecat    Sat, 14/04/2018 - 08:00

I told you before,I am not a military except ,but

Уходят танки, стройные колонны, => should be Уходят танки, стройными колоннами (some one need to fix the original lyrics)
Your translation is fine

The Ural guys line is looks fine to me too

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