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Blutiful World lyrics

  • Artist: Spider Loc Featuring artist: E-Note, Snoopy Blue
  • Album: The West Kept Secret: The Prequel (2007)

Blutiful World

It's a Bluetiful day in my neighborhood
A Bluetiful day in my neighborhood
[Verse 1: Spider Loc]
I'm on the blue mic standing in a blue booth
Got that blue light blinking on the bluetooth
Blue water, great big blue sky
Blue royal, all kinds of blue fly
Blue boxers sagging in my blue jeans
Blue chucks on, fat laced blue strings
Got a jacket that's made out of blue socks
Blue knocks on the back of my blue rocks
Snoopy Blue in the cut with the blue steel
We drink blue beast, and pop blue pills
Shoot it out over dope like in Blue Hill
Blue Benz up on four big blue wheels
Hood rats, blue braids, blue nails
Good cat, got an ass like a blue whale
Spray paint got that hood full of blue walls
Bleed blue blood, and got blue balls
[Hook: E-Note]
Oh, it's a Bluetiful day
It's a Bluetiful world
I'm in a Bluetiful car
With a Bluetiful girl
It's a Blutiful night
My chain blinks blue in the night
I'm Bluetiful when I grind
I'm Bluetiful when I shine
[Verse 2: Spider Loc]
Blueberry blunt wrapped
Getting blue back
Bay Mack plaque in the back of the blue Lac'
Navy blue long sleeves on my blue tees
Powder blue knock-offs on my blue dees
Got a bluetiful glow from that blue ice
Crack the crack game nice with the blue dice
Light the blunt with the torche and the flame blue
I'm in the fast lane getting my brains blew
Blue kicks look good with the blue fit
I keep a blue choke chain on my blue pit
Stuff a dub worth of bud in a blue bag
Jumping out of the blue Jag' with a blue rag
Blue belts, blue hats, blue coats
Don't sing but I do hum blue notes (hmmmmm)
High as a kite off of Blue Dolphin
When I go lay me in a blue coffin
[Hook: E-Note]
(You next Snoopy Blue ha ha)
[Snoopy Blue talking]
"Hey, hold up Spider. How you going to do a song called
'Bluetiful World' and Snoopy Blue ain't in it? Crip!"
[Verse 3: Spider Loc]
Everything blue from the shirt, to the shoe strings
Rims, to the car, earrings to the chain
Yeah I bang
Cuz' can't you tell from the colors?
Snoopy Blue in the mink in the middle of the summer chilling
My birth stone blue ain't that a trip?
A coincidence, nah I was born a Crip
It's a blue fact the house blue, trim blue
And everytime you see Snoopy he in something blue
From dark blue, to sky blue, royal blue is mine
Sipping Blueway Eastie like the Blue Line
Off a blue Puma, never mind the blue rumors
Bumping Bobby Blue blowing on some blue pursuing
This money blue cause' them blue dice stay skippn'
Like blue flags get shown when niggas' trippin'
I'm in blue more than your whole hood nigga'
Why you think they call me Mr. Snoopy Blue nigga'
[Hook: E-Note]
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