Spot on

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Meanings of "Spot on"


exactly right, correct, or accurate.

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совершенно точный, правильный; в самую точку.

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Tam üstüne bastın. Mükemmel. Doğru. Bravo.

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Nokta atışı

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"Spot on" in lyrics

PewDiePie - bitch lasagna

Bobs or vegana, whichever will it be?
Sit the fuck down T-Series I'm here to spill the real tea (uh)
You tryna dethrone me from spot on number one
But you India, you lose, so best think you haven't won

Carla's Dreams - Night after night

But, mister director
I beg you to not light up the stage lights
Leave a single spot on us
So that they can say what only they feel

Aya Nakamura - The dowry

Since you turned up I've changed
I love you the Bonnie & Clyde way (oh yeah)
You hit my heart spot on
I want to end my life with you

Dhurata Dora - Rose

Not a single rose you gave me
My whole life, my whole life
I'll remain a spot on your heart
My whole life, my whole life

Flo Rida - Right Round

Don't open my mouth, let her talk to my fans, my Benjamin Franklin's
A couple of grands, I got rubber bands, my paper planes making her dance
Get dirty on like the spot on my hand
We building castles that made out of sand

Sasy Mankan - "O Cupbearer!"

Hence, drink the wine without any delay,

Wow, I and you and the beauty spot on your lip,
The Zephyr,

Jean de La Fontaine - The Wolf and the Dog

Tears glistened in his eyes;
But faring on, he spies
A galled spot on the mastiff’s neck.
“What ’s that?” he cries. “Oh, nothing but a speck.”

Aya Nakamura - Friends

Don't call me "mi amor"
I crossed you out, but you don't give up
You think you're spot on
You'll have to find an alibi.

Ana Nikolić - Romale Romalli


Stélios Kazantzídis - i've waited but you never showed up

living in the residency of Istanbul
has a beauty spot on the cheek
blow me a kiss

Bushido - That's How I Do It

From Aachen to Amsterdam – Kilos!
Playing with the boys from morning ‘til evening
I’ll go to the number one spot on stage, p-p-pyro
Coke pushin’ business, the red light misses you, I’ll put 10 rounds in you now, bitch

Gino Paoli - The cat

But i think about a cat
That had a black spot on her muzzle
And an old attic

Gers Pardoel - Luggage carrier

I think you're sexy, don't tell the secret
No, I'm teasing, girl you understand me right?
I've got a spot, a free spot on my gazelle
We can go cycling, order a bottle of wine

Jamal - Defto

'cause we closed this level before heaven
Now you, me
A spot on the map and the card, what was wasn't, it seems to have been

Left Boy - Sweet Goodbye

[Verse 1]
On a race to the top, you know where you're going
You got a spot, you got a spot
On the hood of your car, engine's keepin' us warm

Orange Caramel - Magic Girl

If you secretly come to me and beg me to kiss you, what do I do, what do I do

How can you be so spot on about what I want and hope for?
As if you’re a magician, as if you’re casting a spell, you take me and shake me up

Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut - Please Don't

When I head this I was kind of dead, believe that, believe that...

Her warm skin, her curved waist, How can I forget the spot on your neck ?
Those shouldn't take my breath away. Oh it is hard, belive that...

Richard Petit - Spring

'Cause I want to see it in your eyes, to hear it in your voice
So it can take me out of April and the previous months
An throw me spot-on into the heart of spring

Sandy Lam - At Least I Have You

Maybe, I’m prepared to leave the world behind
But I don’t want to be left out of your life
The beauty spot on your palm,
I remember where it lies

Harpo - Moviestar

a new kind of James Dean
but the only thing I've ever seen of you
was a commercial spot on the screen