Skryabin - Spy sobi sama (Спи собі сама) (English translation)

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Sleep Alone

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Sometimes it happens that you wanna hear
The things you would better never knew
And something is pulling you to the place
Where you think that it's better to lose your eyes...
In the kitchen you look at the valve and water
But you can't see the truth anywhere
And your acquaintances look into your eyes,
And their eyes are talking to you...
Sleep alone
When I am not there with you
Sometimes it happens that in the store
You want to shout "What is my fault???"
Then they are giving to you an understanding glance
And it hurts so much, even if it's not intentionally.
And you're growing up, getting old, dying,
Though still you don't know the truth
You fear it, and escape from it,
And go to bed alone among your walls.
Sleep alone
When I am not there with you
Sleep alone..
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Spy sobi sama (Спи собі сама)