to stand in a line

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to stand in a line (English) — It means "to line up"

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Frenchse mettre en rang

"to stand in a line" in lyrics

The predecessors sailed Trio in a banana ship, we have a table in the club's best place.
C'est la vie, no matter - Tampere or Tel Aviv. They know who here are fans, who are players.
A fire blazes in the hearts so that they're about to burst, like Nelson Mandela was awake in there.
Play this when you want to raise your party mood, sorry but in the gigs you have to stand in a line like to Bursa King.
I am at the top of the world with my dudes. That what flashes isn't lightning but the lights of the stadium.

Herrasmiesliiga - Not With Bad Intentions But On Purpose 2014

If you want somebody to run an errand for you, make sure to ask in the end "Hari bol?" meaning "Did you get it? Can I trust you?" And if they answer "Hari bol" then everything is OK.

If you're trying to squeeze into a line, to take your prosad,for example, and hear the familiar "Hari bol" you're politely asked to stand in a line.

If you want the kirtan to go on, just chant "Hari bol, Hari bol!"

Motivational speaking - Hari Bol