Start from scratch

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Start from scratch (English) — يبدأ من الصفر

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Start from scratch — To begin with absolutely nothing, or with the least of essentials. Grandmothers are (I hope) still familiar with this expression. They learned to cook and bake from the basic essentials. Those would be salt, flour, water, yeast, etc.. Now everyone wants things to be pre-packaged and ready to eat. This expression is used in business too for new projects.

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Start from scratch — приступать к делу с начала, все заново. (рус. начинать с нуля)

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Start from scratch — робити щось заново, або не маючи до цього хист. (укр. починати з нуля)

Ukrainian, explained by venusbaek on Sun, 22/04/2018 - 06:40

Translations of "Start from scratch"

English Creole (Bislama)Wystartować od zera.
FrenchPartir de zéro
Italian(Ri)cominciare da zero
RussianНачать с нуля

"Start from scratch" in lyrics

You're going to win every battle
I felt it already

You have to start from scratch
To touch the sky
Now we do our utmost

Shakira - Do It (This time for Africa)

Swept the loves
And all their tremors
Swept away forever
I start from scratch

No, nothing at all

Édith Piaf - No, I have no regrets

This memory, I give it back to you
You know, I have too many memories
Because we always start from scratch
It's not worth the effort to criticize so much

Enzo Enzo - Eyes Open

I'm breaking down; gonna start from scratch
Shake it off like an Etch-A-Sketch
<strong>Mis labios dicen adiós
No hay lágrimas en mis ojos</stong>

I'm not the way that I used to be

Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On (Spanglish)

You'll win every battle
I can feel it

You have to start from scratch
To touch the sky
Now we're going for it all

Shakira - Waka Waka (This is Africa)

I'm breaking down; gonna start from scratch
Shake it off like an Etch-A-Sketch
My lips are saying goodbye
My eyes are finally dry

I'm not the way that I used to be

Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On

About to rain,

And I want to forget everything and start from scratch,
I'll have my song but not a lot of money,
I hope I'll have the oppurtunity,

Pignoise - I Understand

But not for long 'cause it'll get jinxed!

So much better, so much fun
Let's start from scratch and, blow up the sun!

Come on, shoot faster

League of Legends (OST) - Get Jinxed

Tell me my sweet darling
Might the life be playing a game on us
You look tried, might your emotions be mixed
Sometimes it is necessary to start from scratch
to reset the life
Sometimes it is necessary to love from scratch

Şebnem Ferah - from scratch

You are my treasure, in this affair
I have your tatooed body in my memory,
let's start from scratch, true love,
thief of your kisses, your highwayman.

Zion & Lennox - My treasure

Dogo: I born and I die here if you don't find something for live do it for die or you're an half man
Zero or hundred
Does not matter who is sitting in silence
Dogo: I'm with those who start from scratch to get hundred melody from a lament a flower is born from the cement
Tell me now whose side are you

Eros Ramazzotti - Head or Heart

Stop writing these false sms-es
Your arms can no longer reach my heavens
I'm going to start from scratch
After stepping over me, there is no way back

Geegun - There is no 'us' anymore

Swept the loves,
With their tremors,
Swept away forever,
I start from scratch.

No, nothing of nothing

Mireille Mathieu - I regret nothing

And just let it pass

I'm not asking you to forget it
And to start from scratch
I know it very well, that night I did wrong...

Jazmin Lopez - Drinking night

You left me
you cheated on me
don't you think I 'll mourn you
I 'll start from scratch now
enjoying being a bachelor

Rodriguez - I Won't Cry

To make it real, so it cannot escape
That’s the truth, that’s what I want.
And don’t lie to yourself, we must be sincere,
to dream, you need to start from scratch
Luck helps those who want to fly
beyond the sea, beyond fear.

Maldita Nerea - Made With Your Dreams

Choose the location, I'll be there
Tell my your wish, I'll let it become true
No matter what you say
I'll start from scratch with you
Because I didn't find love here

Tim Bendzko - You were never here before

I'm breaking down; gonna start from scratch
Shake it off like an Etch-A-Sketch
<strong>My lips say goodbye
There are no tears in my eyes</strong>

I'm not the way that I used to be

Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On (Spanglish)

i don't want to
run from myself anymore
i can now leaf through my life again
i can now start from scratch again
i can now!
i'll open the door

Sogdiana - Blue Sky

I want my freedom,
I'm going to get drunk.
I'll say a tost, yeah!
Yes, I'm going to start from scratch.
Enough is enough, don't call me any more,
I'm going to start a life from nothing.

Leynor & lewis - I'll leave

It looks like it doesn't suit me to be good to you,
figure it out, you're supposedly pretty and smart...
And you probably already heard
I like to start from scratch.
Give me your ear, baby, to whisper in it:
"Your things are packed outside my door!"

Galin - Forward

Say, “Hello,
who are you?”
And we'll start
from scratch again
“Gotta go,
talk to you soon!”

CircusP - Copycat

I wake up again and I wake up sweaty
Now wait for me outside of the dream
We'll really see each other
I'll start from scratch.

Fabrizio De André - Song of the Father

Even if later on a smile is enough for you
To melt a whole icy winter
To start from scratch

Because there isn't any kind of limit

Laura Pausini - People

You wanna discuss me in front of your lady friends
That's why it's just me and my Mercedes Benz
It all depends, maybe if we make amends
We can start from scratch
Learn to control your temper and remarks in fact
We plan to be platonic with our hearts in tact

Lloyd Banks - Smile

I understand, I'm not coming back, I understand, everything has sailed,
A can't sleep only at night, but my heart aches all over again.
I don't feel sorry to start from scratch, I don't feel sorry to stop.
But I only feel sorry that I could've said goodbye to my love.

Mila Nitich - I confess

I see through you
We should change the fuses

I start from scratch once more
I received my number
You are the only one who defends me

Malajube - Radiology

With my souvenirs, I've lit the fire,
My afflictions, my pleasures, I don't need them any more.
I've swept my love affairs, with their troubles,
Swept forever, I start from scratch

No, nothing of nothing

Cássia Eller - No, I Don't Regret Anything

I entered the party,
the host introduced me the guests
I shouted: "I came to start from scratch"
I seated in a sofa

Manel - We slowly vanished

I'm breaking down; gonna start from scratch
Shake it off like an Etch-A-Sketch
My lips say goodbye
There are no tears in my eyes

I'm not the way that I used to be

Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On (English)

I would go away
(Let’s give it another try you never know)
I would go away
(let’s start from scratch exactly as you want)
I would go away
(please help me)

Claudio Baglioni - I would go away

This obvious self delusion
that no hope can carry
If I could believe in something
I would start from scratch one more time

I would take you like a chance

tv·2 - The Whole World Is Out Of Its Mind

I live of necessity.

And I roll on the floor,
to start from scratch .

Light , if the sky was blue,

Extremoduro - Third Movement: Which Is Within

I'm breaking down, gonna start from scratch
Ben parçalıyorum, sıfırdan başlayacağım
Shake it off like an Etch-A-Sketch

Fifth Harmony - Hiçbir Anı Kaçırmayın

I don't want to lose the reason, Looking every moment aroun me,Knowing that you don't call,or not cross, You'll don't look,you'll don't be, But it's so easy to think,That afternoon some siloy we can cross, How are you? I see you good, You can cut this grey afternoon I am going to go, And i want forget everything y start from scratch , And i have a song and little money, I hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate that nobody else cares you and that I understand you, You may not see you again, In three or four years with the life backwards, mAybe then it can be,Another grey afternoon was about to rain ,And i want forget everything and start from scratch,And I have a song and little money,I hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate that nobody else cares you and that I understand you, And I want forget everything and start from scratch , And I have a song and little money ,I hope to have the opportunity to demonstrate that nobody cares you and I understand you. I understand you, I understand you,I understand you,I understand you... I understand you

Pignoise - I understand you

And if it were to start
From scratch all over again
If it were to go again
Through what I went
To make mistakes, to pay for them
To not know what I want anymore

Vescan - Music or Madness?

You can say goodbye,
And leave behind the life that you have grown.
What's the point?
You try to start from scratch, but get let down.
You can say goodbye,
Just to realize there's no-one left around.

Secondhand Serenade - Is There Anybody Out There?

in harmony of the heart and mind

I got something else waiting for us
but you can't refuse to start from scratch.
And you need to forget
what you used to say.

No Name - Like you used to say

But I know that you're feeling the same
Liberate yourself today, give me the kind of kiss friends don't do

Love me like you want to start from scratch
to give your heart
Love me, don't be afraid

Johnny Sky - Love Me

Split in two,
I'm like many things divided upon two people,
Split in two
I am ice, fire .. evil and good, I am both states
Split in two..

Nancy Ajram - Split in Two

The monster's made, we must pay

Maybe nature has a plan to control the ways of man
He must start from scratch again many battles he must win
Till he earns his place on earth like the other creatures do
Will there be a happy end, now that all depends on you

Cerrone - Supernature

I cut my ties, I sold my rings
I wanted none of this
If you start from scratch you have to sing
Just for the fun of it

Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile

Its here I will sing and here I will pray
To a billion gods I hope they all get their way
So lets just tare it all down
We can start from scratch
Keep our faces forward don't ever look back
A place where everybody's clothed and everybody's fed

Bryan McPherson - I see a Flag

Tonight I'm going to go out
I leave this city
All of what I've got, I leave here stand
Start from scratch somewhere else

I race like a convict in the jailbreak

Die Toten Hosen - Test pattern

I can't detach from the past
And all of the pain.
I need to learn, start from scratch
Begin again.

Sia - Church Of What’s Happening Now

eager to change

I want to find a new path
start from scratch
in order to never go back
But no one heard her,

El sueño de Morfeo - Too late

We do not see the time spent,but the time passes to another thing
Tired of being a man,prisoner of his thoughts
I want to be a man who stops to think about it
start from scratch,it is just a mirage
learning from my mistakes ,I become wiser
I am planning more the future,my lifetime is distorted

The Shin Sekaï - Time

I try to keep it that way,
I can portray an angel or a demon altogether at times.
Mommy trusts me telling me that I'm a brave man.
I can start from scratch and then reach the top.
I don't have the power anymore to undo the void.

MHD - Mommy, I'm hurt

The stars overflowed
It shall be impossible to ladle the spilled things
So as to begin anew
We shall have to start from scratch

Hold me closer

BrainStorm - On the quay

Write down the angst and the sorrow,
nobody dies without emptying oneself.

We thought we would start from scratch
and be successful on our own,
with hands full of emptiness,

Leïla Huissoud - Silly girl

The spots on the Sun, the heat on the street
The people from the interior came to the capital
Here there are opportunities and career
Here you must climb up 'cause you start from scratch

Will the things that hasn't been undone be undone?

Kazik na Żywo - The Spots on the Sun

Regardless of that, I've seen things as far as the crack
That'll make the hardest largest artist heart just collapse
I'm part of all that that's why it's so hard to go back
And start from scratch
I'm locked and I'm trapped, in a giant cage
Tryin to savor these few dyin days

Big Pun - Whatcha' gonna do

But this is how it's meant to be
There is time and there are places
And to get to there places,
I'll start from scratch once again

Don't forsake me, Keeper of Spring

Animal Jazz - Keeper of Spring

But instead of bars there is infinite meat

Infinitely free, welcome to my realm
I can start from scratch wherever I want, a privilege, I know

Take the chance or stay on the couch

Der Pilot - Above the Atlantic Ocean with a Concorde

If I spit looking at the sky,
against gravity
If I must start from scratch
and don't know where to begin
The only thing I ask for is not being wrong again

Amaral - Take me far away

I laugh in mono
I cry buckets of water
I would like to start from scratch
That we no longer hurt ourselves

Florent Mothe - To be like you

As those boring days goes by
you hid your new goal to everyone,
you decided to change your method
to start from scratch

But once you’ve decided something

tacica - Leo

Skopje, Belgrade, Vienna,
word by word - that's destiny.
We start from scratch the same,
we don't know where we're going;
and it's easier in pair.

Zoran Vanev - Southern Railway

You will understand what I've done.

Forget her and start from scratch;
If I managed to do it, so can you.

Pimpinela - Because of That Man (Part Two)

Cause if you need a scapegoat you're sure to find one
Rock the boat or you won't get nothing done
Discard and start from scratch
Unafraid to leave or turn back
Been wrong as many times as I've been right

Velcra - My Law

Full of positiveness and ready to win.

This is the woman who isn't constantly watching the clock anymore,
The one who deserves to start from scratch;
The one who values herself a lot more,
The one who doesn't know fear!

Marta Sánchez - The Woman Who Never Gives Up

Yes, at least from this moment, it amounts to the rest
Where I am no longer afraid of what I've lost
Where we start from scratch, it's the beginning of everything
But at the same time it's as as if it were the end

LE DEVA - The End of the World