Start from scratch

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Idiomatic translations of "Start from scratch"

English Creole (Bislama)
Wystartować od zera.
Partir de zéro
(Ri)cominciare da zero
Начать с нуля
(početi) od nule
desde cero

Meanings of "Start from scratch"


يبدأ من الصفر

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To begin with absolutely nothing, or with the least of essentials. Grandmothers are (I hope) still familiar with this expression. They learned to cook and bake from the basic essentials. Those would be salt, flour, water, yeast, etc.. Now everyone wants things to be pre-packaged and ready to eat. This expression is used in business too for new projects.

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приступать к делу с начала, все заново. (рус. начинать с нуля)

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робити щось заново, або не маючи до цього хист. (укр. починати з нуля)

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"Start from scratch" in lyrics

Shakira - Do It (This time for Africa)

I felt it already

You have to start from scratch
To touch the sky

Zion & Lennox - My treasure

You are my treasure, in this affair
I have your tatooed body in my memory,
let's start from scratch, true love,
thief of your kisses, your highwayman.

Édith Piaf - No, I have no regrets

And all their tremors
Swept away forever
I start from scratch

Enzo Enzo - Eyes Open

This memory, I give it back to you
You know, I have too many memories
Because we always start from scratch
It's not worth the effort to criticize so much

CircusP - Copycat

Say, “Hello,
who are you?”
And we'll start
from scratch again

Johnny Sky - Love Me

Liberate yourself today, give me the kind of kiss friends don't do

Love me like you want to start from scratch
to give your heart

Hanna (Russia) - Talk to me

Talk to me, like it's not your fault,
Pretend everything is ok, and we start from scratch.
Ask a question about who we are - more than friends?

MHD - Mommy, I'm hurt

I can portray an angel or a demon altogether at times.
Mommy trusts me telling me that I'm a brave man.
I can start from scratch and then reach the top.
I don't have the power anymore to undo the void.

Şebnem Ferah - Start from Scratch...

No matter what obstacles...along the way..
I’ll wave to you and wish to be on my way
Start from scratch...Love is a times

Shakira - Waka Waka (This is Africa)

I can feel it

You have to start from scratch
To touch the sky

Sabrina Carpenter - Pushing 20

I'm pushing 20, I ain't talking 'bout a Bimmer
And while you're wasting time, the money's in the meter
So I can start from scratch, make you a believer
Or I can just, da da da

Şebnem Ferah - from scratch

Might the life be playing a game on us
You look tried, might your emotions be mixed
Sometimes it is necessary to start from scratch
to reset the life

tacica - Leo

you hid your new goal to everyone,
you decided to change your method
to start from scratch

Nancy Ajram - Split in Two

Split in two,
I'm like many things divided upon two people,
Split in two
I am ice, fire .. evil and good, I am both states

Geegun - There is no 'us' anymore

Stop writing these false sms-es
Your arms can no longer reach my heavens
I'm going to start from scratch
After stepping over me, there is no way back

Claudio Baglioni - I would go away

(Let’s give it another try you never know)
I would go away
(let’s start from scratch exactly as you want)
I would go away

League of Legends (OST) - Get Jinxed

So much better, so much fun
Let's start from scratch and, blow up the sun!

Zoran Vanev - Southern Railway

Skopje, Belgrade, Vienna,
word by word - that's destiny.
We start from scratch the same,
we don't know where we're going;

Klay BBJ - From scratch

When i reach my limits .. I won't change my research alone and i will continue my race

I'll restart my life and i'll start from scratch .. My personal choice and don't say he lost
And today my ambitions are to beat my scars .. And build a new life better then before

Mireille Mathieu - I regret nothing

With their tremors,
Swept away forever,
I start from scratch.