Stau nă dzuă tru livadi (English translation)


Stau nă dzuă tru livadi

Oi, stau nă dzuă tru livadi,
di'ni treatsi un gioni sh'mi veadi:
"Bună dzâua lea mushatâ! {biss}
Oi, nu am vidzută ahtari nietâ,
alba'aroshi sh' mavrumată."
Dzâsi zborlu sh'trapsi calea. {biss}
Oi, io mârata ni mutream valea,
oi, mutream valea sh'lâcrâmamu
shi tru somnu ni mi'anyisamu,
shi aspâream câ-ni mârtamu.
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One Day I Was Sitting In The Fruit Garden

Oi, one day i was sitting in the fruit garden,
a lad passed by and looked at me:
"Good afternoon, you beautiful girl! {biss}
Oi, i never saw such a young girl like you,
White and rosy, with black eyes."
He said these words and went on his way. {biss}
Oi, the poor me was staring at the valley,
oi, i was crying while staring at the valley,
and when i went to sleep i had a dream,
i was afraid that i would get married.
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