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Use Me (Before I Go) lyrics

  • Artist: Steady B (Warren Sabir McGlone)
  • Album: What's My Name (1987)

Use Me (Before I Go)

[Verse 1]
An emcee, and I'm here to explain
Why I do it, and can't stop this flame
Anytime that you want it I'm your giver
And you can bet money that I'll deliver
The satisfaction is guaranteed
You want a break from me please, you need!
The style that I'm displayin', ya want it ya pay it
Listen to every word that I'm sayin'
Keep using me until I'm all gone
Like a sponge soakin' up this song
I won't complain, just say my name
To keep me motivated, never refrain
From rockin' ya bottom, yes I got 'em
Lyrics so def I think I should bottle 'em
This is different that you know
And I think ya better use me (before I let go)
[Verse 2]
The rhyme— that I design
Like an artist painting— yeah it takes time
Keep using me never losin' the grip
Keep squeezin' until you break my hip
I'm usin' the mic— matter fact all night
And when I'm done you'll say I'm alright
There are all kinds of users that keep usin' me
To make your party work but you know it don't come free
'Cause show after show I keep gettin' paid
Keep usin'— I'll have it made
You can use, don't abuse
Like a worn pair of shoes, I get applause not boos
I keep packin' houses from coast to coast
'Cause everybody knows I rock the most
Creativity— that's how I grow
And you can use me (before I let go)
[Verse 3]
The beat that I use to perfect
My voice— so seductive like sex
I don't brag, but sometimes it's mandatory
Just so fat I can't enhance my story
The foul people use me, I'm good for your health
I'm a spectacle, my rep speaks for itself
With continued success— won't take none less than the best
With gold on the chest
Just rollin' along, won't steer ya wrong
When ya sing this song
'Cause I'm boring— never, the melody's clever
Stupid def, don't touch that lever
I use it— 'cause that's what I like
Gettin' paid— by holdin' the mic
I'm flowin' and we continue to flow
So use me (before I let go)
[Verse 4]
The decision jams made with the knowledge
Getting used and not gang and no violence
Rhymes that I've written takes concentration
To understand the concept with translation
Only thing you can do is turn it up
Use your stereo but only if it can pump
I might be kind of young or quickly matured
And just the same, quickly I'm soared
Create easily cause I have the know
And everybody use me (before I let go)
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