Eric Fish - Steh auf ! (English translation)

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Stand up!

It pisses you off
Every day, the same delusion
To think and to do in this world
What they like
With sore feet
Dull senses
You try to climb each ladder
But tell me, where are you at?
Stand up! the alarm rang
You can make it, even though the tram is just arriving
Speak up! You can let it out today
Nothing is too expensive and you do not pay for it
Too much missed
Too often sacked
Too little loved and
Too seldom hated
And if you have no words - then sing: Dei dei ...
Yesterday was the first time you felt it
It felt like a pain in your stomach
Like a fat caterpillar emerging,
Still blind and stupid, peeking into daylight
Just a sentence spat out
That makes your tongue itch
Out with it! because this piece
Is still what makes you feel lucky!
Stand up! ...
Could be, could be - appearances are deceptive
And I sing this song for myself alone
You feel much too small for that
Well then, you'll probably be the last!
Stand up! Go for it!
Like an idiot as the big clock spins!
Shout out! Be brave!
Just be open, loud, and honest!
Don't complain! Never give up!
risk everything on new shores
Go, tell me when you start!
Refrain: Stand up! ...
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Steh auf !

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Coopysnoopy    Tue, 04/10/2016 - 06:01

"Du schaffst es noch, auch wenn die Bahn schon bimmelt." probably means the tram (Straßenbahn) is just arriving. If he hurries he might get it.

javario    Tue, 04/10/2016 - 16:51

Thank you, fixed!