Stick it to

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Meanings of "Stick it to"


to stick it to (someone) - to treat smb. badly or unfairly.

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относиться к кому-л. плохо или несправедливо; насолить кому-л.

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"Stick it to" in lyrics

Dubioza Kolektiv - They say

They say that alcohol is healthier than pot
They say if you don't have an opinion, they stick it to you immidietly

The Killers - Just Another Girl

She's just another girl,
Don't let her stick it to your heart, boy
She's just another girl

Haschak Sisters - Uptown Funk

Boys we ‘gon stick it to ya (whuoo)
Boys we ‘gon stick it to ya (whuoo)
Boys we ‘gon stick it to ya (whuoo)

T.B.F - My jolly fellow

I'm just kidding, I really don't know why you don't want to
Play around with my pole?
Because the stick is hard as a rock and it aspires to heights.
It tries hard, it shines, like a lantern in the dark!

Đorđe Balašević - Fuck off, YPA

I know...
That's not how it goes...
Burdock of the treachery catches everywhere. Some hooligan's going to stick it to my back, passing by, tapping me on the shoulder, allegedly friendly...
I thought about that...

Mari Govori - Suck It

They say that his dick is as long as the Baikal-Amur Mainline
And that he's about to stick it to Trump.
He has been ruling over us unhurriedly and successfully, longer than Brezhnev.

Offset - Cinco De Mayo

B*tch I came up from a crumb
Did this for grandma, she flying
You can come stick it to one, f*ck it my nigga gon' jump
Saw off the front of the pump, put that gun up to your gum

VÉRITÉ - Nothing

There's nothing that I could
Stick it to better days
Stick it to better
There's nothing that I could say

Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge

A-a-a-a-all you li’l faggots can suck it
No homo, but I’ma stick it to ‘em like refrigerator magnets
And I’m crooked enough to make straitjackets bend

Guy Sebastian - Mama Ain't Proud

Make your knees touch your elbow
Have me stick it to em like Velcro
Stickin' straight up like scarecrow

Nina Kraljić - Swallow Dear Bird

Put it on his hand
If you were to find him on his bed
Stick it to his chest

Orelsan - Between Good and Bad [Original Version]

[Verse 3 - Gringe]
Alone in this queue I can give up
Or take out the beretta and stick it to your head
I'd like to fuck the cops every time my gang shows up en masse

Stavento - in our world

i get mad with those who supposed to be uncorrupted
i take pen and papper and when the situation demands it
i stick it to their faces so my voice can be heard.
I'm setting a fest and we selebrate in our world

The Nightmare Before Christmas (OST) - Town Meeting Song

Attention, we take a huuge sock
We stick it to the wall on a hook
Oh, yes, there should be a leg there

Mortal Kombat - Alone Against Everybody

-Someone will call the police!

Police? Let them call the police, i'll stick it to their blind mother, the police can suck on this, here it is for you... here it is... here it is... here it is...

Extra 3 - The Commissioner - A Song for Günther Oettinger

One, two,
In Brussels I have the longest beak
And stick it to anything.
I am political incorrect,

Robbie Williams - Spread Your Wings

And I said
Don't let your dreams out of your head
Stick it to the man instead
Don't fool your heart lying about

Rick Springfield - Bruce

I can hear her
My name is Ricky
Gonna stick it to you babe

Reznik - I am Band

I'm in a band.
I stick it to the man.
You buy my record.

Aleksandr Gorodnitskiy - Shadows of Tundra

With green – the color, pleasant for the glance,
And then I’ll choose a tiny brush from plenty,
And carefully stick it to the painting,
And color blue the blossom of bluebell, and