Sto si tako zaboravan (English translation)

  • Artist: Ceca (Цеца)
  • Song: Sto si tako zaboravan 2 translations
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Sto si tako zaboravan

Sinoć si tako lepo pričao
srce se moje topilo
i ljubav si mi svoju priznao
jutro je sve promenilo
Što si tako zaboravan
kad si srećo tako mlad
šta će biti kad ostariš
kad pameti nemaš sad
Sinoć si najslađe šaputao
dok si mi usne ljubio
u zoru nekud si odlutao
i trag ti se izgubio
Sinoć sam tvoje ime hvalila
dok smo o sreći maštali
u zoru sliku sam ti spalila
isti si k'o i ostali
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Why are you so forgetful?

Last night you spoke so gently
My heart was melting
And you admitted your love for me
The morning changed everything
Why are you so forgetful
When sweetie you're so young
What will happen when you grow old
When you've lost your marbles now?
Last night you whispered so sweetly
While you kissed my lips
Come morning, you wandered off
And your trail has been lost
Last night I commended your name
While we fantasised about our happiness
At dawn I burned your picture
You're just like all the others
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