Stockholm i mitt hjärta (English translation)

English translation

My Dear Stockholm

Sunlight rises from the sea
Plays in rates and glasses
In rays of dawn
Stockholm was a gold vase
With assorted flowers of the sea beaches
Baltic oak room
Beauty on the crystalline bedrock shores
My dear Stockholm
Let me sing for you now
Aged in youthful verdure
You are the land of the islands
From all the countries of the world I know
You are the one that has everything
Through Mälaren's1love for the sea
A mixture of sweet and salty
Sunlight dances on the Bay
It brightens too much and too little
For the wooden shack up on the south
But even in the King's castle
Murmurs of fish rich streams
Roll into the arms of Mälaren
It darkens and gives us dreams
Chanting the Lake City's name
The dusk came in a caress
The trembling hand of the breeze
Now the sun blushes in the windows
In the Southern and Northern Mälaren Shore2
Tell me, do you hear the music and laughter
Of Djurgården3and Gröna Lund?4
A nightly hymn to Stockholm
From the Archipelago's bays and inlets
  • 1. Otherwise known as "Lake Mälar" in English, it is the third largest lake in Sweden
  • 2. Norr Mälarstrand (Northern Mälaren Shore) is a street on Kungsholmen in central Stockholm, Sweden
  • 3. More officially known as Kungliga Djugården (The (Royal) Game Park) is an island in central Stockholm
  • 4. Literally translated as "The Green Grove" in English, it is an amusement park in Stockholm Sweden
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Stockholm i mitt hjärta

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