Sommarnatt (English translation)

English translation

Summer Night

We go around by the metro
In a totally different world and we can't afford.
But that we forgot yesterday!
In the same moment the life flew by
And I closed my eyes and we screamed "forever us"
Every station and we are further away
Everyone's playing our music
Summer night
There's no traffic in town
It feels like there's only us in the town
In out world the sun never goes down
And it feels like everyone dances with it
But we want to only be alone
Always living in our fantasies
Concrete, cement and fat sick industry
Please just play our songs let us be
For in our world the air will always be free
Kan someone please stop time?
4:30 at a bus stop, you and me
I don't care if you are lying
We're all going to die some fucking day
Summer night
Theres no traffic
It feels like it's only us
Summer night
There's no traffic in town
It feels like it's only us in town
Summer night
No traffic
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