Enrique y Ana - Super Disco Chino (English translation)

English translation

Super Chinese Plate

A great eastern magician, Kin Kan Kun, the seer,
taught me his great secret which was the super chinese plate
What's that thing shining in the top of a stick?
Is it a bird, a plane, a satellite, a plate?
What's that thing spinning like the blade of a mill?
Is a cool thing, is the super chinese plate
Chinese, chinese, plate, plate, fine, fine
Chinese, chinese, chinese, chinese, plate, plate, plate, plate, fine, fine, fine, fine
If homework bores you, if the neighbours bore you
Don't get bored, don't be a fool, play to the super chinese plate
What's that thing that hallucinates and flies without making noise?
Is a plate from China, is the super chinese plate
If you lend me your plate, I lend you y plate
What a fuss, everybody is on it!
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Super Disco Chino