Cantores de Hispalis - Sueño Surrealista (English translation)

English translation

Surreal dream

I was dreaming with a white theater as snow
white, white as snow,
in the middle of the universe.
Ray Charles was playing the piano,
Paco de Lucia with guitar in hand,
and Camaron 1 singing gipsy.
Dali was painting butterflies
that were flying round the violets,
and Joan Manuel Serrat sniffing poets.
And I woke up. Too bad I woke up
when I needed the most
to forget about life
to keep dreaming and amen.
Two ostriches come to the stage,
white ostriches,
taking a charriot of fire.
Jonh Lennon singing to peace,
and Rafael Alberti dressed as salt,
and Picasso painting the sea.
Pelé was doing the monumental
and favorite play of his life,
and finally the bade farewell to war.
Dressed as Casanova Don Frank Sinatra
over a white horse.
The voice of the world that spins.
Gaudí 2 dancing in Barcelona,
Murillo 3 by Seville that takes its crown
of Inmaculated land by Rome.
Pink Floyd with music of Albeniz and Turina 4
with a trip they were travelling
flying through Spain, going crazy by Granada.
White is the auditorium and I'm alone,
white suit and I'm alone,
my dream is of white canvas.
A group starts playing,
Chopin in the piano playing a waltz
and in the cello don Pablo Casals.
Brassens 5 recites some poems
with Neruda 6, with Machado 7 and Victor Jara 8
Don't cry Argentina sings Nacha Guevara 9
  • 1. Camaron de la isla: Spanish flamenco singer
  • 2. Antoni Gaudí: Spanish architect
  • 3. Bartolomé Esteban Murillo: Spanish painter.
  • 4. Isaac Albeniz and Joaquín Turina.
    Spanish composers
  • 5. George Brassens
  • 6. Pablo Neruda, chilean poet
  • 7. Antonio Machado, spanish poet
  • 8. Chilean folk singer
  • 9. Argentinian singer
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Sueño Surrealista

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