Suzette (English translation)

  • Artist: Dany Brillant
  • Song: Suzette 2 translations
  • Translations: English, Turkish
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The day I met her
In one of those receptions
I couldn't even look at her
For her eyes burnt me too much
So I took her hand
Her eyes, her body and her breasts
She tells me: "Make me feel good"
I tell her: "Sure, no problem"
To her room we went
Under the covers we slipped
She had to revive me
Into her eyes I had drowned
She presses herself against me
I feel like I'm at the movies
I feel like Cary Grant
And then we turn off the light
I've lost my mind
Since I saw Suzette
I'm going crazy
Every time I see Suzon
I only kiss her
This girl makes me dream
She's really got something
It might come from the roses
One of her kisses
Is enough to light me up
Humanity's heart
Or the neighborhood's men
She tastes a little like oranges
Honey and chocolate
She softens my wandering
I did not exist before
All the saliva I use
To make myself shine
My muse, she doesn't need that
To stir people
Love is the truth
Drunkenness and beauty
Everything I had be looking for without results
I found it in her eyes
Around a cup of coffee with cream
On one of the Seine's docks
In the coldness of a pale morning
One day, I'll tell her I love her
We'll leave together
For a wonderful world
The sky will be orange
We'll be two little angels
In a room on the sixth floor
I'll read her poems
We'll love each other without working
I can, I am raving mad
She's the one I had been waiting for
Since I was fifteen
She's the one I pictured
In my bed, when I was bored
Now I follow her everywhere
More loyal than a dog
She never wants to stop
I know very well I'm going to crack up
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