Miligram - Sviraj brate (English translation)

English translation

Play brother

I'd like to be rememered by songs
so don't complain me and play, brother
so it is, the only shure thing is the sky
and this night, and all us lives
are going to dissolve as ice in a glass
all is going to pass, only the sky is shure
It's the first evening I'm sitting withouth her
as I'm hearing the years
they're still calling me with her voice
And as mad I turn my head
I still rush with my heart
and I make place
as once for her
All this was meant to be in this way
I had to love madly, unthinkingly
to exaggerate in everything
All this was meant to be in this way
but I wasn't having nowise to
believe in the beauty
Whatever I undertake I don't finish it
I lose all what I find
I turn off every new light
With one hand I hide my lips
with the other I cover my eyes
while the life waits
I find him
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Sviraj brate

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