swan song

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swan song (English) — Last performance or stint of someone.

English, explained by hariboneagle927 on Tue, 20/03/2018 - 08:19

swan song — Huling pagtanghal o partisipasyon

Filipino/Tagalog, explained by hariboneagle927 on Tue, 20/03/2018 - 08:20

swan song — Проявление чего-то необычного, яркого в последний раз; последнее высшее достижение, последнее проявление таланта, способностей; лебединая песня.

Russian, explained by St. Sol on Wed, 12/09/2018 - 19:33

swan song — 1. bir sanatçının son eseri
2. bir şeyi son kez yapmak

Turkish, explained by zeaussas on Sat, 23/12/2017 - 14:34

"swan song" in lyrics

Protect giggle move on please nothing to see – nothing has happened

People's parties middle lane separation in case of emergency blow-dried hair only
Stock market flotation swan song hanged and imprisoned as a fellow all are afraid
Dotcom dying nothing to inherit though earn one's living dream in broken pieces –
keep on promoting

Wir sind Helden - Time for Heroes

That's why I say to myself:
Hold on!
I am not singing my swan song
One of these days I'll move on
Sudden love, without you

Tooji - Swan song

Winter has come for me, can't carry on
The chains to my life are strong but soon they'll be gone
I'll spread my wings one more time

Is it a dream?

Within Temptation - The Swan Song

Take a hand in hand,
sing from a soul to a soul.
Tip your toes in a cold water,
jump with all you got into a swan song.
Because you and me,
So alive,

Haloo Helsinki! - It's windy in the moon

(And so, a beginning to the end flows, like the songs of the war
With all of the waters, we're washing the other children pure.)

And so, an end to the beginning flows, like the swan song
With huge eyes questioning, we're setting off the sun
And so, a beginning to the end flows, like the songs of the war

Das Ich - Swan Song / Swan Scream

Biblical choirs soar beyond veiled light
A swan song for ravens trapped flapping at night

A tragic yet magical fall from grace

Cradle of Filth - Tearing the Veil from Grace

We blow that, like Coltrane
We in here, like Rogain
Or leave it, like Cobain
And when I'm long gone, whole crew sing a swan song
Cause we all just ticking time bombs, got a lambo like Lebron's mom
And no matter where all of my friends go

Childish Gambino - 3005

I remember back in the days, on the run, yo
There were two smart-asses hanging out in East Montreal
Max and Jim, yo
They dreamt of becoming Ironik and Narkoi, man [fn]Ironik and Narkoi are the stage names of the aforementioned Max and Jim.[/fn]
It's crazy 'cause today, in 2008
It's Max and Jim we'd like to be again

L'Assemblée - Swan Song

It will be our swan song
It will be our swan song
Be our swan song
Be our swan song

Put your white tennis shoes on and follow me

Lana Del Rey - Swan Song

Hear my swan song
Oh oh, it was my mistake
Catch a kiss now,
Swan song
Help me to escape.

Jessie Ware - Swan Song

I waded through the darkest fields you'd imagine
Your pretty face sketched on the barrel of my gun
And I know you'll be the first to welcome me
When I climb into eternity
Oh, oh

Athlete - Black Swan Song

Tender feminine body, your most beautiful feature[fn]or characteristic; usually prerogative or privilege but it doesn't mean that here[/fn]
Which everyone who has seen it says is amazing.

It would have been my final song, my swan song,
My last love letter, my farewell message.
But unfortunately the words which designate it

Georges Brassens - The blazon

That pain catches

I see your mourning veil, five years ago it could breath
The Swan Song made you cry then, made you cry

You'd like to be just like back then, when you were covered by a white veil

Yö - Swan Song

I was so dark that
I thought it was raining bombs
And I saw the columns
Of the army of shadows
Since the calm was so white
The banner was red with blood

Benjamin Biolay - The sky was so dark

This will be the last dance

This will be the last time
This is the swan song
The mosquitos dance at sunset
Tomorrow we will all be gone

Foxtrot - The last dance (Dancing on the volcano)

Cornrows banging out the side of my visor
I'm so damn tight, they should call me the Scheister
Hitting bud and Budweiser, shit, I couldn't get higher
You done turned me into the "Swan Song" Charlie
Peeling out on a Harley at a high school party
Got a frame like Bane, call me young Tom Hardy

Hollywood Undead - Riot

Take a hand in hand
sing from a soul to a soul
Dip your toes in cold water
Jump with all your might into the Swan Song
Because you and I
so alive

Haloo Helsinki! - There's wind in the Moon

It's sharp black sword

I want to feel the feeling of going under
To hear the swan song of the world
To watch the world getting crushed by lightning and thunder
Götterdämmerung, doom

Raubtier - Twilight of the Gods

Inhaling cancer until it devours
Water your cirrhosis until your pushing flowers
Place your bet until your fortunes gone
Composing melodies to your swan song
I'll write the final chapter to your final days
As long as you're still breathing I will not go away

Thrash or Die - Fatal Fury

I can notice you in the shine of the fire
a shadow from the flames play
no more shall I be able to meet your eye and squeeze your firm hand
the smoke is surging towards the sky in an ocean without land
in glow of the bonfire runes are crackling forth, interpret them if you can

Fejd - Swan song

I'll come up soon
I'll come up soon

Know that every beggars' song can become a swan-song
If wild hordes** kick you like a dog
But the country never forces the bird


Whatever happens, I still love you.
Forgive me, forgive me.
Forgive me, honey
I give this swan song to you.

Diana Gurtskaya - Forgive Me

truth is secondary,
that's how it works here.

So has begun, your swan song,
for the sheep love annihilation.
They want to see more, of what you've done.

Raubtier - Burn-marked

Irreplaceable, but...

Out of date
After the swan song
Out of date, left on the shelf
At The Grand Hotel

Keren Ann - Out of Date

That pain will catch

Your veil of sorrow I see, five years ago it got to breath
The swan song made you cry then, made you cry

You would like to be like back then, when you were all veiled in white

Yö - The Swan Song

You don't even bother any more...
You cut to the bone,
Pick up the phone
To hear my swan song!
You don't even bother any more...
You left me alone,

Set It Off - Swan Song

Grab from hand to another hand
Sing from soul to another soul
Dip your toes in cold water
Jump flat out to swan song
Because you and me, so alive
Can hear, if it's windy in the Moon

Haloo Helsinki! - It's windy in the Moon

At times a swan song
is what I had for joy
now you might hear
the dirge<fn>sorhlēoð partially means lamentation/sorrow.</fn>.

Days and nights

Leaves' Eyes - Dirge

Dark queen with a crown of thorns
The earth's not where I belong
My saviour or my swan song
(Let's get to the other side)
Pretenders, but no king

Lord of the Lost - Black Oxide

Like a swan song, this is our last night,
the note plays only for a moment, breaking.
Like a swan song, the time we shared ended like this,
I miss you so, my friend.

Kake Randelin - Like a swan song

The universe survives on give and take.
Decay is the only law.

Swan song.
A declaration of endlessness.
I swear I will not look back,

Architects - Memento Mori

Here on the stage, the time has come
With the strains of "Be my angels!?, of rock in two four
Time may keep alive that old swan song
That we've been playing forever
'Till the time maybe right to say goodbye

Tears for Fears - Goodnight Song

It's the swan song of us all
Every nation stand on guard!
Politicians tread the boards
While the ancient one did chant:

"We wanna go - much higher.

Minimal Compact - Babylonian Tower

For the world around to sing
My love will build a castle in the air

This is my swan song
I fell in love with you, I love you well
I love you well, I love you well

Bee Gees - Swan Song

Deep down there is a question: single question
God put to you.
If only you could answer with a swan song
Instead of cue.

Vladimir Solovyov - No, There Is No Force That Could Lift The Heavy Shroud...

There's scars and there are frowns
There's memories in the dust
The skin that I live in is cool and paper-thin
It's got a swan song to sing

I've blushed and I have bruised

Bat for Lashes - Skin Song