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甘い記憶 Sweet memories
Don't kiss me baby we can never be
So don't add more pain
Please don't hurt me again
I have spent so many nights
Thinking of you longing for your touch
I have once loved you so much
遠い記憶 Sweet memories
甘い記憶 Sweet memories

Sweet Memories

Such a nostalgic pain
I had forgotten it for a long time
But when I saw you,
...I felt like I went back in time
Don't ask me if I'm happy
I'm not good at lying
I do have some friends...
...but I can no longer be as bright as before
Only that abandoned dream of mine...
...looks so beautiful to me, I don't know why
The good times that have long gone are now...
...sweet memories; my sweet memories
Don't kiss me baby, we never meant to be
So don't add more pain
Please don't hurt me again
I have spent so many nights...
...thinking of you, longing for your touch
I have once loved you so much
Back then, we were too young
We fooled around and ended up getting hurt
Even the faded sadness is now...
...part of distant memories; my sweet memories
Only that abandoned dream of mine...
...looks so beautiful to me, I don't know why
The good times that have long gone are now...
...sweet memories; my sweet memories
   Thu, 01/06/2023 - 10:09

Released in August 1, 1983, this song (*together with "Glass no Ringo", will be explained later) reached #1 in Oricon chart with 857,390 sales.  It was also ranked #1 in Oricon monthly chart of August 1983, then #6 in September montly chart, and then #3 in both October and November monthly chart. At the end of the year, this song was ranked #7 in Oricon yearly chart of 1983 (*7th highest selling song of that year). This song is Matsuda Seiko highest selling song in 1980s and her second highest selling song in her entire career.

When it was released in August 1983, this song was B-side song of "Glass no Ringo". But it got very good reception from the fans (maybe even more than the A-side / main song), and got even more popular after it was used as soundtrack for Suntory beer commercial. They quickly re-released it in October as double A-side song.

*A-side? B-side? Double A-side??

An album usually contains 8-12 songs in a CD / cassette / vinyl record, while a "single" only has two song: A-side song (the main song, the main attraction, the main reason people buy that CD, the song the singer will promote the most and sing it in all kind of music programs) and B-side song (a bonus song, the singer will probably sing it once or twice on TV if at all). To promote a song, they need a lot of resources (money, time, energy, etc), so they can't just waste it on any random song but to focus it on the song they think will sell the best: the A-side song. Double A-side song means both songs are treated as the main songs, both will be promoted and performed on TV equally. So which song sold 857k copies, "Sweet Memories" or "Glass no Ringo"? Both, since they're two in one, two songs counted as one since they are in the same CD


This single won 4 awards, including "Japan Song Awards" and a gold in "Japan Record Awards". "Glass no Ringo" has been covered by 6 singers (1991 - 2020) while "Sweet Memories" has been covered by 47 singers (1984 - 2021). Seiko sang "Glass no Ringo" in Kohaku Uta Gassen 1983 and "Sweet Memories" in Kohaku Uta Gassen 1999. 

"Sweet Memories" is Seiko's masterpiece. More importantly, this is Seiko personal favorite song. 


This song was used in Suntory beer commercial:

^ the penguin looks so pitiful, it makes you wanna cry. That penguin got her own anime movie a few years later.


Now, feel her "queen" aura....

Her live performances:

^ in "Yoru no Hit Studio"

^ in "The Best Ten" that had their own ranking system, this song also reached #1. 


^ in "The Top Ten" (before they changed its name into "Uta no Top Ten") that had their own ranking system, this song was ranked #1

^ in "The Top Ten" again

^ also in "The Top Ten" (mixed with footage from "Super Jockey")

^ this too was in "The Top Ten". Full video:


^ in "Let's Go Idol"


in other music programs:



in late 1980s



in an epic moment in 1990 (all biggest 1980s idols (except Kyon2, Matchy, Toshi) gathered in the same show. The dream team!)

^ the other "queen" was clapping for her and singing along from her seat. Moritaka ChisatoB.B Queen (+ Mi-Ke) and Hikaru Genji were watching her. WinkKudo Shizuka and Nakayama Miho were preparing for their turns to perform, but probably also watched Seiko from their dressing rooms.


in 1994 (11 years later)


duet version with Saijo Hideki (1970s male idol)




This song has been re-recorded many times through the decades.


In 2010, Suntory beer recreated the penguin commercial, now in live action

^ the penguin had turned into the beautiful Seiko.


The newest version from 2020:

^ the "queen"!! The "eternal idol"!!


It was still used as commercial soundtrack for McDonald in 2020


Feedeeri☆Feedeeri☆    Thu, 01/06/2023 - 13:03

Seems like Seiko having B-sides being just as popular as the A-side wasn't so uncommon, with the B-side of Akai Sweet Pea (Named Seifuku) being just as popular as the A-side! Seiko was truly on another level!

   Thu, 01/06/2023 - 16:42

She has 4 double A-side singles in 1980s alone, probably there's more in 1990s. In case of this song, both were written by the same person. Yeah, except her arch-rival, she was leagues above any other idols in her era. 

And Akina's "Desire" was also almost made into B-side song. 

Feedeeri☆Feedeeri☆    Thu, 01/06/2023 - 16:48

I didn't know that! I really like Desire, its one of my favourite Akina songs and I really can't see it as a B-side. I think it was a good idea in the end to chose Desire, tho I'm sure that the song that ended up being the B-side is also good!

   Thu, 01/06/2023 - 17:10

The B-side song that was supposed to be the A-side is good and epic, typical Akina song, but "Desire" is clearly better and more iconic. Even that "Desire" costume was her choice.

Sometimes she had disagreement with her company about the songs and costumes, and it has been proven several times that her own judgement resulted in success rather than she just followed what she was told. 

Like, imagine if her other signature song: "Kazari Janai no yo Namida wa" being made into just a random album filler song, which they almost did. 

Feedeeri☆Feedeeri☆    Thu, 01/06/2023 - 17:36

Man, agencies need to listen to their artists more, Akinas costumes were always so cool and it made her stand out! Kazari Janai no yo Namida being a filler song sounds unbelievable, I honestly wonder what was going trough the head of who decided that, thank god Akina stood her grounds and didn't budge on her decision TT

   Sat, 03/06/2023 - 19:26

Very nice duet they had there. 👏

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